God of Darkness and Tyranny (Antipaladin [Warrior of Unholy Darkness] 20/Slayer 20)
The Lord of Darkness, The Great Oppressor, The Dark Tryant

Portfolio Darkness, evil, tyranny, oppression
Typical Worshipers F
ighters, clerics, inquisitors, warlords, warpriests
Typical Worshiper Alignment Lawful evil
Charm, Darkness, Evil, Law, Strength, Trickery
Symbol Black hand with a silver “K” in the palm
Favored Weapon Heavy mace
Alternative Names None

Kerr (KUR) appears as a very handsome, clean-shaven human male with black hair and black eyes who is forever enveloped in shadow. He is always well dressed, wearing black +5 dastard greater shadow unrighteous adamantine full plate, a ring of shadows, and a black cloak that functions as a  cloak of flash and shadow, mantle of the darkest night, and a stonemist cloak

In battle, Kerr wields a +5 axiomatic impact ominous returning throwing unholy adamantine heavy mace that also functions as a rod of shadows

As the god of darkness, Kerr is able to create an area of darkness (as the spell) at will, up to 1 mile in diameter. HE can choose to have this ability duplicate the effects of a deeper darkness spell in stead.