Elishen, The Soulseeker

Slot none; Aura strong enchantment; CL 25th; Weight 3 lbs.


Alignment NG; Ego 27; Senses 120 Ft.
Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 10  Communication telepathy  Special Purpose Slay drow.
Dedicated Power When the wielder makes a successful attack against a drow, half-drow, or any creature of drow blood, the creature must
succeed at DC 28 Fortitude save or take 100 hit points of damage. This is a death effect. In addition, the bow grants the wielder a +6
bonus on all Perception and Stealth skill checks while being wielded.  
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 20, concentration +27)
  • At Will–daylight
  • 3/day–arrow of eruption, burst of radiance,   
  • 2/day–daybreak arrow, levitate
  • 1/day–unbearable brightness
Elishen is also under the constant effects of a gravity bow spell, increasing the damage dealt by arrows fired from it to 2d6.  


Soulseeker is a +6 distance huntsman keen seeking elven composite bow (any Str bonus) of infinite greater drow slaying arrows with an overwhelming aura of good. It was crafted from the mystical eushon tree and intricately carved with elven runes of power. Any nongood creature who tries to wield this bow is struck for 4d6 points of holy damage (no save). Drow who even attempt to touch the weapon are struck for 8d6 points of holy damage, regardless of alignment (no save). 

Soulseeker always causes extra damage according to the wielder’s current Strength, even if the wielder’s Strength bonus exceeds the +6 enhancement bonus of the weapon itself. The infinite arrows special quality of the bow yields up to 100 arrows per day, instead of the customary 50 of lesser magical items. In addition, any arrow fired by the bow, whether they originate from it or another source, are considered keen. Soulseeker was ultimately crafted for the purpose of slaying drow. If a successful attack roll is made against a drow, half-drow, or any creature with drow blood, they are affected as if by a greater slaying arrow (see the Specific Weapons of the Magical Items chapter of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook).


Basic Abilities legendary power (8/day), legendary surge (+1d20; attack and combat maneuver rolls), mythic bond.
Advanced Abilities eternal bond (elf only
), flexible bond, powerful (x3), rejuvenating, unstoppable strike, unyielding.


The method of destruction of this weapon is unknown. 


Elishen, or Soulseeker as it has come to be known, is an ancient and powerful relic from 5000 years ago, when the Elf-kin War raged between the surface elves and their fallen and evil kin who would later be known as the drow. Crafted by elven high mages, it was wielded by Shelan, the brother of Narnel, the then king of the Mithral Greens in Eushonéva. 

A great archer and marksman, this elven warrior used the bow with such skill and devastation that the mere mention of the weapon’s name brought fear to the hearts of his foes. However, during the ongoing battle, the king’s brother fell at the hands of a powerful drow priestess and her guards. Following the battle, the king’s wizards searched for his brother and the powerful bow, but only the body of his brother was recovered. Hence, this magnificent weapon of power became lost to its people for many, many centuries. It was believed that during their retreat from the bloody field of battle, the drow absconded with the magical bow and secluded it in some unknown corner of their deep, dark world to ensure it would never again be used against them. 

While lost to the world for over five thousand years, Soulseeker was recovered by the elven hero of the Off-Worlder War, Aragast Anadriel, and his companions, from a powerfully enchanted underground vault, along with various other powerful artifacts of good and neutral persuasion. It continues to be the constant companion to the elven hero and a powerful tool in the war against the enemies of the elven race to this day. However, on occasion, the sword will venture forth, appearing to aid those in need of its power, and once its mission is completed, it returns again t its master.