Lightbringer, The Sword of the Paladin King

Slot None; Aura overwhelming conjuration and transmutation ; CL 30th; Weight 4 lbs


Alignment LG; Ego 29; Senses 60 Ft.
Int 15, Wis 14, Cha 16  Communication telepathy  Special Purpose Defeat mythic evil creatures. 
Dedicated Power Lightbringer deals an additional 3d6 points of damage to mythic evil creatures and to non-mythic evil creatures that 
   have mythic DR. This additional damage is multiplied for critical hits. 
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 30, concentration +37)
  • At Will–shatter (flat of the blade only)
  • 3/day–true seeing
  • 2/day–greater teleport
  • 1/day–heal, holy word
  • 1/week–resurrection
Lightbringer also functions as a rod of enemy detection and ring of major spell storing


This +7 called greater transformative metalline vorpal holy longsword was constructed long ago by an ancient hero and paladin king, Ahman Bloodstone, to defeat mythic evil creatures, especially those that might disrupt the great balance and bring eternal darkness into the world for centuries to come. It was Ahman Bloodstone who would found a goodly kingdom that would one day rise to become the greatest Empire the world has ever known. Lightbringer was then passed down through the Bloodstone line until it was lost, and remained so for a few millennia. 

However, the sword now roams the world of its own free will, seeking those who will wield it with great fervor in the name of righteousness and all that is good and just. Only those who are worthy may wield this weapon as it once was, in the name of goodness and truth.

Lightbringer bypasses all types of damage reduction, and deals an additional 3d6 points of damage to mythic evil creatures and to non-mythic evil creatures that have mythic DR. This additional damage is multiplied for critical hits.

Lightbringer possesses an eternal bond (see Legendary Items in the Pathfinder RPG’s Mythic Adventures), linked to any who are of the lineage of the former paladin king, Ahman Bloodstone. If the wielder should ever become unworthy, Lightbringer will vanish, and seek for another worthy to wield it. 


Basic Abilities legendary power (8/day), legendary surge (+1d20; attack and combat maneuver rolls), mythic bond.
Advanced Abilities eternal bond (bloodline of Ahman Bloodstone), flexible bond, foe-biter, powerful (x3), rejuvenating, returning, 
   unstoppable strike, unyielding.


Greater Transformative In addition to functioning as the normal transformative special weapon property, the weapon’s shape can be 
   altered at its wielder's command to become a melee weapon of the same type as its original weapon type at the time of construction. For 
   example, a Medium transformative longsword can take the shape of any other Medium sword, such as a Medium short sword, Medium 
   scimitar, or a Medium greatsword. 
Metalline The wielder can alter the composition of a metalline weapon from one kind of metal to another as a standard action. For instance, 
   a metalline bastard sword can become an adamantine bastard sword or an iron bastard sword. 


The method of destruction of this weapon is unknown.