Raven, The Blade of General Blackstrom

Slot none; Aura overwhelming divination and transmutation; CL 25th; Weight 8 lbs.


Alignment N; Ego 25; Senses 90 Ft.
Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 16  Communication empathy  Special Purpose Slay undead and those who create them, including spellcasters of the 
Cult of the Dead
Dedicated Power Raven deals an additional 4d6 points of fire damage to undead creatures, or any specllacaster capable of casting animate 
dead, animate dead (lesser), mythic create undead, create undead, or create greater undeadThis additional damage is multiplied for critical hits. Any extreme aligned creature (LG, CG, LE, or CE) that attempts to wield Raven must make a Fortitude save (DC 20) or become paralyzed for 2d6 rounds.
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 25, concentration +29)
  • Constantdetect undead
  • At Will–shatter (flat of blade only)
  • 3/day–fly, true seeing
  • 2/daycure serious wounds 
  • 1/daygreater teleport
Raven also functions as a ring of freedom of movement while held. 


As stated previously, Raven is a +5 ghost touch mythic undead bane greatsword of magnificent design. Forged by the grandmaster weapon smiths of the Lands of H’akari, it was crafted from fine black steel with the top two feet of the blade sporting serrated edges. Gold and diamond dust enhance the large black steel cross-piece in elaborate scroll work and fluting designs. The hilt is bound in black dragon hide, and a black steel pommel in the shape of a large ravens head with rubies set into its eyes complete the overall effect. In the hands of a true warrior (one with at least 14 Hit Dice or levels in the barbarian or fighter classes) it grants the wielder access to the sword's spell-like abilities. Raven was specifically created to oppose the undead, and those who worship, serve, or create them, all collectively referred to as the Cult of the Dead. 


Basic Abilities legendary power (2/day), legendary surge (+1d12; attack and combat maneuver rolls), mythic bond
Advanced Abilities eternal bond (Therak Quenalthirr, and any of his bloodline), foe-biting, everlasting, powerful, returning, unstoppable 


Channel Positive Energy (Su) 

Once per day, the wielder of Raven can channel positive energy as a 20th level cleric (10d6). The wielder must be of a nonevil alignment to use this ability. 

Slay Undead (Su) 

Once per day on command, Raven can function as a greater arrow of slaying by making a successful melee attack against a single chosen undead creature. The creature must be selected before this ability is used. If the attack is successful, the target must succeed on a DC 23 Fortitude save or take 100 hp damage. 


The method of destruction of this weapon is unknown. 


Forged by the greatest metal smiths in the Lands of H’akari, Raven was once wielded by the infamous mercenary General Valek Blackstrom, leader of the most sought after and well-trained mercenary army with an unmatched reputation throughout the Lands of H'akari, the Plains of Wind, and even the Vale of Bloodstone itself. General Blackstrom was known to hire his army out to those who both paid well and whose plans furthered the prestige and military position of his army. 

Early in his mercenary career, General Blackstrom petitioned the forging of a powerful sword that he would wield to victory against his foes, particularly his most hated and feared, the undead. The completed weapon was magnificent and distinct in appearance, having been crafted from blackened steel and fitted with a pommel shaped in the head of a raven. It is this pommel that earned both the sword and the General the nickname of "Raven". To increase his notoriety, General Blackstrom adopted the trademark of leaving a black raven feather in the mouth of any enemy leader he had personally slain in battle. Soon, in conjunction with their numerous victories, the mere mention of General Blackstrom and his army was enough to cause the most powerful rulers to tremble in fear. 

However, after three decades of commanding the most formidable mercenary army in the lands, Blackstrom had grown weary of battle and shedding blood. During his final campaign, Blackstrom lead his men onto the field of battle as he always did, when they were ambushed by a great force of their enemies. In the ensuing battle, the General was apparently observed by many of his loyal men to be slain by the death spell of a powerful wizard. Despite the apparent loss of their supreme leader, the army was again victorious, and leadership fell upon the General’s most trusted second-in-command, Major Je'rod Rothier. Loyal to end, the Major and his mercenary band searched the battlefield for the body of their fallen leader, but to no avail. Neither his remains, nor his sword were ever found. And so, the legend arose that he was taken by the God of War to his hallowed halls, there to learn from the true master himself. However, his most senior officers believed that General Blackstrom had staged his own death, enabling him to live out the remainder of his life in comfort and solitude. Only one man ever knew the truth, but he has long since passed on. 

For many years, Raven was lost to the world. However, over 400 years ago, it finally reemerged, only to vanish and reemerge from time to time throughout the following years. During that time, it found its way into the hands of many mercenary commanders; 
some honorable, some reprehensible, but none capable of keeping hold of the blade for more than few years. Eventually, it fell into the possession of a young but powerful Sirjif minotaur by the name of Therak Quenalthirr who was the Captain of a mercenary band called the Steel Horns. 

Like General Blackstrom, Captain Therak was an expert tactician who lead his mercenary army to victory after victory on the field of battle, at behest of various well-paying patrons. On one such occasion, Captain Therak and his comrades were hired to remove a feared and troublesome band of brigands in the Mountains of Stonehelm, within the Eastern Realm of Great Empire of Bloodstone. The band was led by a menacing and brutal half-giant named Bledvorth, who was believed to wield General Blackstrom's former greatsword. During the mission, Therak employed guile and found himself face-to-face in single combat with the behemoth commander. The two titans erupted into a thunderous battle and after thirty minutes of bloody melee, Therak, bleeding and weakened by his many wounds, dispatched his enemy and emerged victorious. The minotaur Captain pried the greastsword from the half-giants dead hands and claimed it as his own. Studying the weapon, with its black steel blade and raven headed pommel, he knew that he indeed held the legendary Raven, the greatsword of General Valek Blackstrom.

For many years following that iconic conflict, Therak wielded Raven with great and devastating skill, bringing destruction to many of his enemies. However, since Therak’s apparent departure from this world, Raven has roamed the lands of its own volition, appearing in various locations across the world as it searches for a new master worthy to wield its might; whether for good or for evil.