Wall Breaker, The Hammer of Stone

Slot none; Aura strong abjuration; CL 20th; Weight 5 lbs.

The Hammer of Stone, also known as “Wall Breaker”, was crafted by a great deep gnome weaponsmith over 2,000 years ago. The hammer of stone is a perfectly balanced +2 throwing returning warhammer, but in the hands of a dwarf or deep gnome, it functions as a +3 dwarven thrower. Its head is constructed of finely chiseled black marble set atop a haft of adamantine, with the words “wall breaker” etched in gnomish runes upon it. The grip of wrapped in deep dragon hide, and a large ruby is set into the pommel.

Touched by the finger of the gods, the hammer of stone serves as a divine compass, pointing toward the locations of various other artifacts; specifically, the orbs of Stonehelm, the sword of stone, the helm of stone, and the gauntlets of the raging flame


The wielder of the hammer can use the following spell-like abilities. 
  • At will–detect magic.
  • 1/day–passwall, stone tell


Wall Breaking

The primary function of the hammer of stone is to destroy, shatter, or dispel any form of magical spells that create a tangible barrier or wall, or have a force spell descriptor, such as crushing hand, wall of force, or even magic missile. All such spells or effects of 5th-level or less are immediately dispelled (no save) when struck by the hammer. Similar spells of 6th-level or higher that are struck by the hammer are affected as if by a 20th level greater dispel magic. If the hammer is used against barrier-like spells that are unaffected by dispel magic or greater dispel magic, such as prismatic sphere or prismatic wall, it functions as mage’s disjunction spell. 

The following spells are affected by the hammer’s special power: antilife shell, antimagic field, antiplant shell, clenched fist, crushing hand, floating disk, forceful hand, grasping hand, interposing hand, blade barrier, dimensional lock, forcecage, globe of invulnerability, prismatic sphere, prismatic wall, resilient sphere, spiritual weapon, tiny hut, wall of fire, wall of force, wall of ice, wall of iron, and wall of stone. Other spells may be affected at the GM’s discretion.