Zinger, Staff-Sling of the Halfling Trickster

Slot none; Aura strong enchantment; CL 20th; Weight 3 lbs.


Alignment CG; Ego 25; Senses 60 Ft.
Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 11  Communication empathy  Special Purpose None.
Dedicated Power Zinger has the power to influence those who use it to become practical jokers. The wielder must make a successful Will
saving throw (DC 23) each week, or begin to play practical jokes on his companions and strangers alike.  
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 20, concentration +21) 
  • At will–disguise self, vanish, ventriloquism
  • 3/day–charm person, dispel magic, jester’s jaunt, shatter, silence, shout 
  • 1/day–break enchantment, dimension door, greater dispel magic, greater shout, wall of force


Zinger is a +4 dancing distance seeking avalanche staff-sling of infinite bullets. Crafted from the finest eushon wood, it has been carved with arcane runes endowing it with great magical power. The sling pouch is made from the hide of a basilisk, and the end is shod with an enchanted adamantine spike that enables it to embed itself in any surface for stable use in ranged combat. Zinger has been imprinted with the essence of its former master. Thus, anyone who wields the weapon, regardless of alignment, must make a Will save (DC 23) each week it is in their possession or begin to play practical jokes on their friends and companions. In addition, wielders will find themselves in uncommonly precarious and dangerous situations far more often than usual which is also linked to Blackroot’s mischievous nature. 


Basic Abilities legendary power (6/day), legendary surge (+1d12; attack and combat maneuver rolls), mythic bond.
Advanced Abilities eternal bond (halfling only), flexible bond, foe-biter, powerful (x2), rejuvenating, returning, unstoppable strike, unyielding.


When enhanced by his friend, Wu Yan Ravenhill, Zinger was infused with special powers and charges, much like other magical staves. The staff-sling contains 10 charges that can be used to activate one of the following abilities.
  • Avalanche Staff Sling Zinger functions as an avalanche staff sling, and the wielder can launch a stone (not a sling bullet) that explodes in mid-flight to create a stone call effect centered on the target square three times per day.
  • Chromatic Orbs: Zinger can be used to cast one of the chromatic orb spells. Activating a chromatic orb spell expends charges according to the spell's level as follows: 0 charges (chromatic orb I), 1 charge (chromatic orb II or III), 2 charges (chromatic orb IV or V), 3 charges (chromatic orb VI or VII), 4 charges (chromatic orb VIII or IX).
  • Energy Force Missiles Zinger can be used to unleash up to 5 force missiles, once per day. Each force missile inflicts 5d6+5 force damage plus 5d6+5 damage of an energy type of the wielder's choice (acid, cold, fire, electricity, or sonic). This ability otherwise functions as magic missile. Using this power expends 1 charge from the staff-sling.  
If the wielder so chooses, the staff-sling can be used to absorb arcane spell energy directed at its wielder, as a rod of absorption does. Unlike the rod, this staff converts spell levels into charges rather than retaining them as spell energy usable by a spellcaster. If the staff absorbs enough spell levels to exceed its limit of 10 charges, it explodes as if a retributive strike had been performed (see below). Unlike a staff of magi, the wielder knows how many spell levels are cast at him, as it communicates this knowledge as a rod of absorption does. 

Zinger, the staff-sling of the halfling trickster can be broken for a retributive strike. Such an act must be purposeful and declared by the wielder. All charges in the staff are released in a 30-foot spread. All within 10 feet of the broken staff take hit points of damage equal to 10 times the number of charges in the staff, those between 11 feet and 20 feet away take points equal to 8 times the number of charges, and those 21 feet to 30 feet distant take 6 times the number of charges. A DC 23 Reflex save reduces damage by half.

The character breaking the staff has a 50% chance (01—50 on d%) of traveling to another plane of existence, but if he does not (51—100), the explosive release of spell energy destroys him (no saving throw). 

Unlike other staves used in a retributive strike, the staff-sling of the halfling trickster is never completely destroyed. The staff regenerates itself at the rate of 1 hit point per month, until it is fully regenerated. Once it is fully regenerated, it remains without charges until it is recharged through spell absorption.

Lastly, the staff has been alter to function like a sword cane. With a twist, the end of the staff is released and a short blade that functions as a +4 dancing shortsword.


Unknown at this time.


A powerful and peculiar relic, this magical staff-sling once belonged to a a strange but powerful halfling wizard, Gylis Hornblaster, many centuries ago. The halfling used the staff-sling to protect his town and the surrounding lands for interlopers and marauding bands of orcs, mountain trolls, and even giants. For years he kept his foes at bay, until his demise at the hands of a strong mountain giant who finally penetrated his defenses and slew him. From that time, staff was lost to the halfling people for many centuries until it was found by another halfling hero of great renown.  

Prior to the Off-Worlder War, the famous practical joker and halfling hero of the Off-Worlder War, Blackroot Brambleburr, and his companions rediscovered the staff-sling in a powerfully enchanted vault deep within the earth, along with a number of other powerful artifacts. Despite Blackroot's tendency toward stealth, agility, and trickery, Blackroot also had a truly inquisitive mind and possessed an innate talent for arcane magic. Through intense meditation and practice, the young halfling learned to harness his budding powers and bend them to his will. As such, the staff-sling was put to good use in his hands throughout the war, where he established himself as a true hero of the halfling race. 

As a gift to his diminutive friend, Wu Yan Ravenhill used his powerful talents of magical craftsmanship to enhance the staff-sling. Little did the eager halfling know just how powerful the staff-sling had become. Blackroot quickly mastered the new powers within the staff, and for many years, continued to wield "Zinger", which became its unofficial name, as he labored in his efforts against the powers of darkness. 

When his life neared its apparent final years, he passed his most prized possession to his eldest son. From that time forward, it was handed down through the family generations until the lands where his relatives dwelt came under attack by the invading armies of an enemy nation. During this occupation, the army’s wizards and clerics sought out and confiscated all magic items in their path in an attempt to strengthen their forces. Unfortunately, Zinger was taken in this gathering and became lost for a number of years. Its current location is unknown, but it is hoped by the surviving ancestors of Blackroot Brambleburr that it will soon be returned to its rightful place. 

Little does the world know that Blackroot lives to this day as a protector of the world, and "Zinger" is once again in his capable hands. "Zinger" is free to roam the lands in aid of those in need of its power, but can be summoned back by Blackroot at anytime, regardless of his location both on or beyond the Material plane.