Cloak of the True Healer

Slot none; Aura strong conjuration (healing); CL 20th; Weight 2 lbs.


Crafted by an ancient High Priestess of Sosa, the Cloak of the True Healer is a +5 cloak of resistance made of durable white and blue fibers and embroidered with divine runes of healing. Virtually indestructible, it never becomes soiled, and should it become torn, it repairs itself. 


The Cloak of the True Healer grants the wearer the constant effect of the endure elements spell, and suffers no harm from being in a hot or cold environment. The wearer can exist comfortably in conditions between -50 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit (-45 and 60 degrees Celsius) without having to make Fortitude saves. The wearer's equipment is likewise protected. 

The Cloak of the True Healer also grants the following spell-like abilities. 

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 20)
  • 3/day–mass cure moderate wounds
  • 2/day–mass cure critical wounds
  • 1/day–mass heal


Enhanced Healing

The Cloak of the True Healer increases the capacity of any healing spell or ability the wearer possesses. The wearer treats all 1s and 2s on dice rolls as 3s when casting a "cure" spell, or uses a positive energy-based ability, such as a cleric's channel positive energy or a paladin's lay on hands ability. In addition, while the cloak is worn, the wearer's natural healing ability rate is doubled. 

Healing Touch (Su)

The wearer gains the paladin's lay on hands ability with a level equal to the wielder's level –3.

Immunity to Diseases and Poisons

While the Cloak of the True Healer is worn, the wearer is immune to all diseases, including supernatural and magical diseases, including mummy rot. The wearer is also immune to all poisons and toxins. 


The Cloak of the True Healer was discovered in an ancient and powerfully enchanted vault with a number of other artifacts by the heroes of the Off-Worlder War; Odorian Lightbringer, Wu Yan Ravenhill, Aragast Anadriel, and Blackroot Brambleburr. It was placed into the possession of the hero and cleric of Sosa, Clarn Azuremoon who wore it throughout the war and thereafter, until his death years later. The cloak has since resurfaced over the years in various places across the world, aiding those in need or worthy of its power.