Glimmerwyn, The Righteous

Slot none; Aura strong enchantment; CL 20th; Weight 4 lbs.


Glimmerwyn, Sword of the Righteous: +4 called holy keen thundering adamantine bastard sword; AL LG; Semi-empathic. 

Lesser Powers: At will – detect evil; 3/day - daylight 

Greater Powers: Continuous – freedom of movement, fire resistance 30; 3/day – smite evil (as wielder’s level); 1/day – flame strike (maximized, 15d6) 

Personality: This potent sword was once wielded by the great heroine and Knight Marshal Kiiri Raoc, Glimmerwyn came into her possession during the Off-Worlder War and remained with her until her heroic demise at the hands of evil giants. Following her death, this family heirloom was passed down from daughter to daughter through her family line. However, nearly 100 years ago, the sword mysteriously vanished from the ancestral vault during the family castle’s destruction at the hands of the Black Lord prior to his becoming a death knight called the Death Lord. Legend suggests that a single loyal servant escaped the castles destruction and fled to some unknown location to hide the sword from the tyrannical invader. The true location of the blade remains unknown, and it continues to elude discovery to this day. 

Glimmerwyn is a +4 adamantine called holy keen thundering bastard sword with an overwhelming aura of good. The sister sword of the blade called Lightbringer, it was forged by powerful priests of the gods Seker and Jors Guardarm to uphold the edicts of freedom and righteousness. Any nongood creature that attempts to wield Glimmerwyn must make a Fortitude save (DC 20) or is paralyzed for 2d6 rounds. 

In the hands of a neutral good or chaotic good individual, only the sword’s enhancements and special abilities function. However, it is in the hands of a lawful good individual that Glimmerwyn’s full power is revealed and the wielder following spell-like abilities: At will – detect evil; 3/day – smite evil (as the wielder’s level), daylight; 1/day – flame strike (maximized 15d6). In addition, Glimmerwyn provides the wielder with the benefits of both a ring of freedom of movement and a ring of greater fire resistance while it is in their possession.