Hellbiter, Scourge of the Divine

Slot none; Aura strong evocation and transmutation; CL 20th; Weight 4 lbs.


Hellbiter has the following enhanced weapon statistics. These include adjustments for its special weapon abilities. It also grants the following spell-like abilities. 

One-Handed Melee Weapon
CostDmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRange 
Scourge, barbed (enhanced)1d61d818-20/x44 lbs.S

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 20, concentration +27) 
    • At will–detect evil, detect the faithful
    • 3/dayknow the enemy, shackle
    • 1/day–confess, interrogation, retribution
    • 1/week–spell scourge


    A holy relic from the Age of Light and Reaffirmation, Hellbiter was crafted by powerful clerics of Shi'ar, God of Knowledge and Magic, assisted by clerics of Zeelan, Goddess of the Seas and Sky. It comes from a time long ago when the ancient churches were weeding out traitors from among their orders, often at the hands of inquisitors. At the height of its reputation, Hellbiter was greatly feared by enemies both inside and outside of the church. Hellbiter's handle was forged from fine mithral and wrapped in the hide of a red dragon, while each of its nine knotted thongs are also crafted from braided strips of red dragon hide with mithral barbs woven into them. 

    Hellbiter is a +4 cunning keen holy wounding barbed scourge that deals lethal damage to any target, regardless of the creature’s armor or natural armor bonus. It also has a higher critical multiplier and threat range than other scourges. shaken creature struck by the Hellbiter must succeed at a DC 21 Will save or become frightened for 1 round. A frightened or panicked creature struck must instead save or cower for 1d4 rounds. Both of these are mind-affecting fear effects.


    Death Strike (Su) 

    Any creature with an evil alignment that is struck by Hellbiter on a confirmed critical must succeed at a DC 21 Fortitude save or die. 

    Striking Flash (Su) 

    Whenever Hellbiter makes a successful hit against an evil creature, it emits a bright flash in a 5-foot radius. The creature must succeed on a DC 17 Fortitude save or become dazzled for 1d6 rounds. If the creature has light blindness (such as the drow), it is blinded for 1 round instead.


    Unknown at this time. 


    While lost for many centuries, Hellbiter, the Scourge of the Divine was rediscovered in an ancient and powerfully enchanted vault with a number of other artifacts by the heroes of the Off-Worlder War; Odorian Lightbringer, Wu Yan Ravenhill, Aragast Anadriel, and Blackroot Brambleburr. Wu Yan Ravenhill was drawn to the scourge, who wielded it throughout the Off-Worlder War, striking down many of his foes. He continued to wield the scourge until his apparent death years later. Its current whereabouts is unknown, though stories speak of it appearing to those in need of its power to over come the evils of the world.