Lightsfar, The Shining Star

Slot none; Aura strong evocation and conjuration; CL 20th; Weight 8 lbs.


Alignment NG; Ego 19; Senses 120 Ft.
Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 14  Communication speech  Special Purpose Defeat evil creatures. 
Dedicated Power Lightsfar deals an additional 2d6 points of damage to evil creatures. This additional damage is multiplied for critical hits.
any nongood creature that attempts to wield Lightsfar must make a Fortitude save (DC 20) or become paralyzed for 2d6 rounds.
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 20, concentration +22)
  • At Will–detect evil
  • 3/day–bless (allies only), cure serious wounds, daylight
  • 1/daydispel evil, fireball (maximized, 10d6), heal
Lightsfar also functions as ring of greater (30) fire resistance and grants the welder a +2 enhancement bonus to her Charisma.


Forged during the Age of Light and Reaffirmation, Lightsfar, the Shining Star was crafted by the powerful high cleric of Seker, Landon Shurn, and wielded by the hero paladin Tane Archenlighter until his death. Following his early demise, the deeds of this stalwart champion of the god of Light were recorded in the archives of the church, and the sword was laid to rest in the vaults of the temple in the city of Graystrom. For nearly two years it remained there, guarded by both magic and men. However, during the day of endless night, Lightsfar was stolen from its place of honor and its true location was left unknown for centuries. 

Over the following millennia, the holy blade resurfaced seven times. Each time it was used as a tool of righteousness by those worthy to wield it in their cause, but always vanished once that cause was fulfilled. The most recent appearance of this holy relic was over 250 years ago, when it came into the possession of the honorable barbarian king Spiker Draxle, prior to his ascension to the throne. From him it passed to the hands of another named Sir Thorbin of Zrog, a paladin of Sosa who completed a task given to him by his patron goddess. Shortly thereafter, Lightsfar again vanished and has not been seen since. Its location continues to elude the followers of Seker, but their hope is that it will once again return to its rightful resting place. 

Lightsfar is a 
+3 dancing flaming burst holy undead bane greatswordForged of fine mithral steel, it exhibits an intricately designed handle and pommel decorated in gold and platinum. The blade, handle and cross-piece resemble an elongated ankh, the symbol of Seker, the God of Light. Like other relics from the time period of its creation, the full powers of this weapon can only be used by a true cleric or paladin of Seker. However, the weapon is still usable by anyone of good alignment. As a final note, the sword’s sentience and intelligence constantly drives it to seek the most suitable wielder to use its abilities to its fullest and will even vanish from its current wielder and appear in the possession of another more suited to wield it if the individual comes within 50 miles of its location. 


Channel Positive Energy (Su)

Once per day, the wielder of Lightsfar can channel positive energy as a cleric. The wielder uses her character level as her cleric level to determine the ability's effect.


Unknown at this time.