Orb of Air ("Elessel")


Created by the goddess A-llän, this transparent crystal blue orb is filled with swirling mists. Despite its delicate appearance, it is unbreakable and etched with mystical silver runes in the Auran and Draconic tongues.  


While the orb is in the wielder’s possession, it grants the following benefits.
  • electricity resistance 30 
  • +2 enhancement bonus to Dexterity 
  • +5 competence bonus on all Acrobatics and Fly skill checks 
  • +2 bonus to attacks made with weapons from the bows, crossbows, and thrown fighter’s weapons group 
  • +2 resistance bonus to all allies within 30 feet against spells with the electricity descriptor 
  • +1 caster level with all spells with the air and electricity descriptor.
Spell-like Abilities
  • 3/day–gust of wind, shocking grasp.
  • 2/day–lighting bolt, wind wall.
  • 1/day–chain lighting, control winds.
  • 1/week–whirlwind.gain Improved Initiative and Improved Lightning Reflexes as bonus feats