Orb of Earth ("Molgol")


Crafted by the god Orin Stoneforger, this black obsidian orb is smooth to the touch. Despite its delicate appearance, it is unbreakable and etched with mystical silver runes in the Dwarven and Terran tongues. 


While the orb is in the wielder’s possession, it grants the following benefits.
  • acid resistance 30 
  • +2 enhancement bonus to Constitution 
  • +5 competence bonus on all Perception and Stealth skill checks 
  • gain Improved Great Fortitude and Improved Stonecunning as bonus feats 
  • +2 bonus to attacks made with weapons from the axes, hammers, and flails fighter’s weapons group 
  • +2 resistance bonus to all allies within 30 feet against spells with the acid descriptor 
  • +1 caster level with all spells with the acid and earth descriptor.
Spell-like Abilities
  • 3/day–acid arrow, soften earth and stone.
  • 2/day–spike stones, stone shape.
  • 1/day–acid fog, move earth.
  • 1/week–earthquake.