Orb of Fire ("Shyrra")


Crafted by the god Roth, this red orb is warm to the touch and crafted from molten gold. Despite its delicate appearance, it is unbreakable and etched with mystical golden runes in the Draconic and Ignan tongues. 


While the orb is in the wielder’s possession, it grants the following benefits.
  • fire resistance 30 
  • +2 enhancement bonus to Strength 
  • +5 competence bonus on all Intimidate and Survival skill checks 
  • gain Mobility and Run as bonus feats 
  • +2 bonus to attacks made with weapons from the heavy blades and light blades fighter’s weapons group 
  • +2 resistance bonus to all allies within 30 feet against spells with the fire descriptor 
  • +1 caster level with all spells with the fire descriptor 
Spell-like Abilities
  • 3/day–burning hands, heat metal.
  • 2/day–fire shield, fireball.
  • 1/day–delayed blast fireball, wall of fire.
  • 1/week–fire storm.