Orb of Water ("Zirak")


Crafted by the goddess Zeelan, this shimmering white orb is a giant pearl from a guargantuan sea oyster. Despite its delicate appearance, it is unbreakable and etched with mystical golden runes in the Aquan and Elven tongues. 


While the orb is in the wielder’s possession, it grants the following benefits.
  • cold resistance 30 
  • +2 enhancement bonus to Wisdom 
  • +5 competence bonus on all Sense Motive and Swim skill checks 
  • gain Endurance and Imrpoved Iron Will as bonus feats 
  • +2 bonus to attacks made with weapons from the polearms and spears fighter’s weapons group 
  • +2 resistance bonus to all allies within 30 feet against spells with the cold descriptor 
  • +1 caster level with all spells with the cold and water descriptor 
Spell-like Abilities
  • 3/day–create water, frostbite.
  • 2/day–ice storm, water breathing.
  • 1/day–cone of cold, control water.
  • 1/week–polar ray.