Prime Armor of the Anuil-Elhar (Lord General of Light)

Slot armor; Aura overwhelming abjuration and enchantment; CL 20th; Weight 25 lbs.


This finely crafted armor is the original armor of the first Lord General of Light. Over 5,000 years ago, this +5 righteous invulnerability vigilant mithral folding field plate was forged to serve the Lord General of Light in his high and holy calling. As such it grants the wearer with a number of special powers. While worn, the wearer gains a +10 ft. increase to their base speed, and is under the constant effect of a woodland stride spell. Set into armor at the neck are 3 diamonds that can be activated as a talisman of pure good. Once these gems are expended, the armor loses this ability. 

The armor was crafted by clerics of the primary gods of good. 


The Prime Armor of the Anuil-Ehlar grants the following spell-like abilities. 

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 20, concentration +20
  • At will–bless weapon
  • 1/day–magic circle against evil, mass cure serious wounds 
  • 1/week–greater planar ally


Halo of Light (Sp)

In addition to the spell-like abilities listed above, the wearer can, on command, shroud himself in either a 30-foot halo of white light or golden light. While a halo of white light is in effect, all allies within 30 feet gain the benefits of protection from evil, and the wearer can cast heroism 3/day. While the halo of golden light is in effect all, allies within 30 feet gain the benefits of protection from arrows, and the wearer can cast dictum 1/day.


The Prime Armor of the Anhuil-Ehlar can be destroyed if a cleric of evil alignment immerses the armor in a vat of Balor blood mixed with the blood of a Solar for 24 hours. 


Lost for many centuries, the Prime Armor of the Anhuil-Ehlar was rediscovered in an ancient and powerfully enchanted vault with a number of other artifacts by the heroes of the Off-Worlder War; Odorian Lightbringer, Wu Yan Ravenhill, Aragast Anadriel, and Blackroot Brambleburr. As the current Anhuil-Elhar, Odorian Lightbringer took possession of the armor, as was his right, but never wore it, since his own armor was more powerful and suited to him. The armor is currently stored in the sacred vaults of the church of Seker, awaiting the time that it is called forth to assist the next future Anhuil-Elhar.