Raven, Blade of General Blackstrom

Slot none; Aura strong enchantment; CL 20th; Weight 4 lbs.



Raven, Greatsword of General Blackstrom/Bledvorth (Legendary Lesser Artifact) +5 ghost touch mythic undead bane (+4 atk/dmg, +4d6 vs. undead) large greatsword; Powers Constant–detect undead; At will–shatter (flat of the blade only); 3/day–true seeing; 2/day–greater teleport; 1/day–channel positive energy as a 20th level cleric (10d6); once per day on command, the sword can function as a greater arrow of slaying by making a successful melee attack against an undead creature (Fort DC 23 or take 100 hp damage); the sword also functions as a rod of enemy detection and ring of freedom of movement while held; Basic Abilities legendary power (2/day), legendary surge (+1d12; attack and combat maneuver rolls), mythic bond; Advanced Abilities eternal bond (Therak Quenalthirr), foe-biting, everlasting, powerful, returning, unstoppable strike.