Shield of Earth and Stone

Slot none; Aura strong enchantment; CL 20th; Weight 45 lbs.


The Shield of Earth and Stone is a +3 impervious improved acid resistance ramming adamantine heavy shield of dwarven construction and design. It has dwarven runes of earth and stone etching along its edge, and inlaid at the center of the shield is a relief of a heavy warhorse. 


The Shield of Earth and Stone was crafted by dwarven smiths and enchanted by dwarven clerics using powerful earth magic. It grants the user the following earth and stone-based abilities. 

Spell-Like Abilities
  • 3/day–expeditious excavation, meld into stone, stonefist
  • 1/day–move earth, passwall, see through stone
The Shield of Earth and Stone's relief of a heavy warhorse also functions as a destrier stone horse (see Stone Horse). 


Earth and Stone Rampart

On command once per day, when the shield is planted in the ground, it anchors itself like an immovable rod and transforms into an earth and stone rampart (as the spell), a wall of stone (as the spell), or a wall of iron (as the spell). Once the effect ends, it reverts back to a large shield.

Earth Rooting

While held, the user of the Shield of Earth and Stone is treated as wearing earth root bootsThus, the longer the user of the shield stays in one place—as long as that place is on solid ground—the harder it is to move him from that place. The user also gains a cumulative +1 circumstance bonus to his CMD (maximum of +10) for each round he does not move from his space.

Enlarge Shield

At will, the user can enlarge the Shield of Earth and Stone from a large shield to that of a tower shield as a swift action. When in tower shield form, the user can wield it as if he were proficient with it. 


Lost for many centuries, the Shield of Earth and Stone was rediscovered in an ancient and powerfully enchanted vault with a number of other artifacts by the heroes of the Off-Worlder War; Odorian Lightbringer, Wu Yan Ravenhill, Aragast Anadriel, and Blackroot Brambleburr. Shortly after its discovery, it was passed into the hands of their friend and ally, the desert protector Shadeem Arndall who wielded it throughout the Off-Worlder War, and on until his death years later.