Silverflame, Warhammer of the High Patriarch

Slot none; Aura strong enchantment; CL 20th; Weight 5 lbs. 


Alignment NG; Ego 14; Senses 90 Ft.
Int 10, Wis 15, Cha 13  Communication empathy  Special Purpose Defeat evil divine spellcasters. 
Dedicated Power Silverflame deals an additional 2d6 points of damage to evil creatures. This additional damage is multiplied for critical hits. 
Any nongood creature that attempts to wield Silverflame must make a Fortitude save (DC 20) or become blinded.
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 20, concentration +24)
  • At Will–detect evil, detect the faithful, light, purify food and drink
  • 3/day–bless, holy smite (as wielder's level), magic circle against evil
  • 1/dayholy aura, holy word
Silverflame also functions as both a ricochet hammer and a shatterstone hammer 


Silverflame was once the powerful weapon of the former High Patriarch of Seker, Diblon Penance, over 250 years ago, who commissioned its construction at the hands of the master dwarven smith Farak Thunderstrike. During the High Patriarchs tenure, Silverflame was both a symbol of truth and righteousness among forthright believers, but also a crippling reminder to evil infidels who stood in the path of the church of Seker and its servants. Over the years, numerous servants of the God of Light have wielded it in his name, but the most recent is the current High Matriarch of Seker named Misha Penance, the tenth generation granddaughter of the one who originally commissioned its construction.

Silverflame is a +4 holy mighty disruption returning throwing thundering warhammer that is forged from mithral and etched with gold and platinum runes of divine power. The head and haft is inscribed with the holy symbols of Seker, Sosa, and the Lady. Any nongood creature who attempts to wield this warhammer is struck for 6d6 points of divine fire damage (see flame strike). The target may make a Fortitude save (DC 20) for only one-quarter damage, since half the damage is fire damage, and the other half results from divine power. Silverflame may be used by anyone of good alignment as a +4 holy warhammer, but in the hands of a cleric of good alignment, its full power is revealed (see above). 

Silverflame was forged for the express purpose of destroying evil divine spellcasters, including antipaladins, lich priests, evil dragon clerics, or the like. When a successful attack roll is made against such creatures, the target is struck for 6d6 points of divine fire damage (as the flame strike spell) and may make a Reflex save (DC 20) for one-quarter damage. If the attack is a successful critical hit, the target takes 12d6 points of divine fire damage instead. 


Unknown at this time.