Spear of the Endless Seas

Slot none; Aura strong evocation and transmutation; CL 20th; Weight 6 lbs.


The Spear of the Endless Seas is a specially crafted weapon from a time long ago when the world was suffering from storms and great floods. A time when the seas heaved themselves beyond their bounds, and the rains fell for weeks on end. Because of the great upheaval, the coastal elves and human priests and druids sought the aid of the seas elves and their understanding of the great waters. Through this collaboration, they crafted a powerful spear with the power over the waters and weather. 

The Spear of the Endless Seas is a +3 impervious seaborne speed thundering ironwood spear, crafted and enchanted by a powerful elven druid of Zeelan and a sea elven sorceress of the deep. It also functions as a trident of stability, grants the user a Swim speed 30 ft., a +10 competence bonus to Swim checks, and while wielding the spear the user is treated as having the Aquatic Adaptation, Aquatic Ancestry, and Aquatic Spell feats, even if they do not meet the prerequisites.


The Spear of the Endless Seas grants the following spell-like abilities. 

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 20, concentration +24)
  • At Will–create water, hydraulic push
  • 3/day–hydraulic torrent, spear of purity, water breathing, water walking
  • 1/daycontrol weather, globe of tranquil water, vortex


Charm Aquatic Animals (Sp) 

The Spear of the Endless Seas enables its wielder to charm up to 14 Hit Dice of aquatic animals as per the spell charm animals (Will DC 16 negates, animals get a +5 bonus if currently under attack by the wielder or her allies), no two of which can be more than 30 feet apart. The wielder can use this effect up to three times per day. The wielder can communicate with the animals as if using a speak with animals spell. Animals that successfully make their saving throws are free of control, but they will not approach within 10 feet of the spear.


While lost for many centuries, the Spear of the Endless Seas was rediscovered in an ancient and powerfully enchanted vault with a number of other artifacts by the heroes of the Off-Worlder War; Odorian Lightbringer, Wu Yan Ravenhill, Aragast Anadriel, and Blackroot Brambleburr. During the war, the spear was wielded by the half wood elf/sea elf hero Felnick Kelwane, cousin and counsellor of the wood elf King. Following the war, the Spear of the Endless Seas remained in Felnick's possession until his death two centuries later, at which time the weapon disappeared, but has reappeared over the years in various places across the world, aiding those in need or worthy of its power.