Dragon, Faerie (Monarch)

Faerie dragons are unmistakable, with their bright scales and pair of brightly colored butterfly wings. However, once in every 1,000 births is born a faerie dragon that exhibits the intelligence and power of a full grown faerie dragon. 

Similar to faerie dragons, a monarch faerie dragon's scales change color, starting with red and moving through the rainbow to reach dark violet at their oldest age. They also grow in power as spellcasters as they age (typically gaining additional casting levels in sorcerer class).

However, unlike normal faerie dragons, monarch faerie dragons increase in size and power as they age, and display a variety of new abilities and spells similar to that of true dragons. These age categories are Young, Adult, Greater, and Elder. 

The following table shows the age level, additional spell casting levels, and powers the monarch faerie dragon gains as they age.

Table: Monarch Faerie Dragon Abilities
 Age Level Size Color Age Range Powers Caster Level
 Young Tiny Red 5 years of less 3/day - greater invisibility (self only) Sorcerer 3rd Level
 Young Tiny Orange 6-10 years - -
 Adult Small Yellow 11-25 years At will - reduce person (self only) Sorcerer 5th Level
 Adult Small Green 26-50 years - -
 Adult Small Blue 51-65 years - -
 Greater Medium Indigo 66-80 years 1/day - commune with nature, mind fog Sorcerer 7th Level
 Greater Medium Violet 81-100 years - -
 Elder Large Black 101 years or more 1/day - mass suggestion Sorcerer 9th Level

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