Wychfiend Ovarch (General, CR 18)

This strange extraplanar humanoid has ruddy skin covered in tattoos, green eyes, pointed ears, and a long braided ponytail protruding from the back of his sleek great helm. His piercing eyes stare defiantly at you, making you feel uncomfortable.
XP 153,600 (Unique)
Male wychfiend magus 18
LE Medium outsider (extraplanar, native)
Init +8; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +20


AC 33, touch 17, flat-footed 29 (+4 Dex, +3 deflection, +4 natural +12 armor)
hp 153 (18d8+54 plus 18)
Fort +17, Ref +13, Will +16; +4 resistance vs. illusions
Immune figments; Resist acid 10, cold 10, fire 10


Speed 30 ft.
Melee +3 wychsteel flaming nullifying longsword +24 (1d8+7/17-20 plus 1d6 fire)
Ranged +2 frost keen composite longbow (+5) +19 (1d8+5/x3 plus adamantine properties)
Special Attacks counterstrike, greater spell combat, improved spell combat, spell combat (–2 attack, +6 concentration), spellstrike
Spells Prepared (CL 18th, concentration +24)
   6th–dragon form I, disintegrate, mislead, transformation
   5th–acidic spray (DC 21), bladed dash (greater), dimensional blade, cone of cold, vampiric shadow shield
   4th–arcane theft, ball lightning (x2, DC 20), detonate (DC 20), greater invisibility, wreath of blades
   3rd–displacement, fly, fireball (DC 19), haste, lightning bolt (DC 19), ray of exhaustion (DC 19)
   2nd–ablative barrier, arcane disruption, elemental touch (DC 18), scorching ray (x2; DC 18), spider climb, twisted space (DC 18)
   1st–call weapon, magic missile, mirror strike, obscuring mist, shock shield, thunder stomp (DC 17), true strike (DC 17)
   0 (at will)–daze (DC 16), detect magic, mage hand, ray of frost (DC 14), spark (DC 16)


Str 24, Dex 18, Con 17, Int 23, Wis 14, Cha 15
Base Atk +13; CMB +17; CMD 27
Feats Cleave, Cleaving Finish, Combat Casting, Extra Arcana, Great Cleave, Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Power Attack, Skill Focus 
   (Intimidate), Toughness, Weapon Focus (longsword), Weapon Specialization (longsword)
Skills Fly +25, Intimidate +29, Knowledge (arcana) +27, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +27, Knowledge (planes) +27, Perception +20, 
   Spellcraft +27, Use Magic Device +23
Languages Aklo, Common, Draconic, Elven, Orc, Undercommon, Wychfiend
SQ arcane pool (15 points, +5), fighter training, heavy armor proficiency, improved spell recall, knowledge pool, magus arcana (arcane 
   accuracy, arcane redoubt, arcing pool strike, critical strike, pool strike, spell shield), medium armor proficiency, spell recall
Combat Gear staff of lightning; Gear +3 wychsteel flaming nullifying longsword, +2 frost keen composite longbow (+5), adamantine arrows 
   (40), +3 wychsteel heavy fortification improved electricity resistance full plate, amulet of natural armor +4, belt of physical perfection +4 
   (Str/Dex/Con), boots of teleportation, cloak of resistance +3, helm of brilliance, ring of protection +3, robe of gates, spectral shroud
   spellbook (contains all prepared spells plus 6th–chain lightning, elemental body III, flesh to stone, magnetic field, 5th–augmenting wall, 
   baleful polymorph, cloudkill, fire snake, telekinesis, teleport, wall of force, 4th–black tentacles, dimension door, ice storm, infernal healing 
   (greater), monstrous physique II, shout, stoneskin, wall of fire, wall of ice, 3rd–arcane sight, blink, burst of speed, dispel magic, hydraulic 
   torrent, keen edge, magic weapon (greater), trial of fire and acid, vampiric touch, 2nd–aggressive thundercloud, bull’s strength, instant 
   weapon, invisibility, shatter, stone call, tactical acumen, umbral weapon, web, 1st–chill touch, clarion call, color spray, corrosive touch, 
   expeditious retreat, feather fall, longshot, ray of enfeeblement, shield, vanish, warding weapon and all 0th-level spells)


Environment any (Ethereal) 
Organization solitary, squad (2–4), company (11–20 plus 2 sergeants of 5th level), brigade (40-100 plus 1 sergeant of 5th level per 10 
   adults, 1 lieutenant of 7th level 30 adults, and 1 wychlyn of 6th level), legion (80-200 plus 1 sergeant of 5th level per 10 adults, 1 lieutenant 
   of 7th per 30 adults, 1 commander of 10th level per 90 adults, 1 wychlyn coven leader of 8th level, and 1 wychlyn of 6th level for every
   50 adults) 
Treasure NPC gear (longsword, studded leather, other treasure) 


Adapted Body (Ex) A wychfiend’s body has adapted to the rigors of planar travel and can breathe in any environment, including the 
   elemental planes, toxic atmospheres, underwater, and even in a vacuum, as if under the constant effects of a necklace of adaptation. 
Dimensional Shift (Su) Wychfiends can teleport to a nearby space as a swift action as if using dimension door. This movement does not 
   provoke an attack of opportunity. The wychfiend must be able to see the space that he is moving into. He cannot take other creatures with 
   him when he uses this ability (except for familiars). A wychfiend can move 5 feet for every two Hit Dice or class levels he possesses 
   (minimum 5 feet). A wychfiend can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + his Charisma modifier. 
Wyching Bond (Su) Due to their otherworldly nature, a wychfiend can form a special magical bond with an item of the appropriate type, 
   dependent upon the wychfiend’s career path. The wyching bond of those who choose a full caster level arcane spellcasting path is similar to 
   the wizard’s arcane bond class feature. The wyching bond of those who select a more militant path is similar to the paladin’s divine bond 
   class feature, but only applies to the wychfiend’s weapon or armor (see the Divine Bond alternate class feature of the Divine Defender 
   paladin archetype in the Advanced Player’s Guide) and is not divine in nature, but arcane, and draws upon the wyching energies innate to
   the wychfiend. 
Wychsteel Affinity (Ex) Because of its ethereal nature, some unexplained kinship exists between wychfiends and armor crafted from 
   wychsteel. This mystical connection allows any wychfiend wearing such armor to completely ignore any chance of spell failure normally 
   imposed by the armor. It is for this reason that wychfiends hold wychsteel full plate armor in such high esteem, and will sacrifice their lives
   to protect or retrieve such armor when it falls into the hands of other races.