Wychfiend Wychqueen (CR 23/MR 7)

This strange extraplanar humanoid has ruddy skin covered in tattoos, glowing green eyes, pointed ears, and a long braided ponytail protruding from the back of her head and down the back of her elaborate robes. Her piercing eyes stare defiantly at you, making you feel uncomfortable, and even quiver in fear.
XP 2,457,600 (Unique)
LE Medium outsider (extraplanar, mythic, native)
Init +16; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +33


AC 48, touch 21, flat-footed 39 (+5 Dex, +6 deflection, +27 natural)
hp 322 (23d10+80 plus 46 plus 70)
Fort +17, Ref +24, Will +26; +4 vs. enchantments
DR 10/epic; Immune fear, illusions; Resist acid 15, cold 15, fire 15; SR 34


Speed 30 ft.; fly 60 ft. (good)
Melee +4 wychsteel frost vorpal scimitar +32 (1d8+9/18-20, possible sever)
Special Attacks frightening gaze, grand hex, hexes, major hexes,
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 23, concentration +33)
At will–loathsome veil (DC 23)
3/day–geas (lesser) (DC 24), suggestion (DC 23)
1/day–dominate person (DC 26)
Spells Prepared (CL 20th, concentration +30)
9th–dominate monster (DC 29), heroic invocation, hold monster (mass, DC 29), suffocation (mass, DC 29), wail of the banshee (DC 29)
8th–charm monster (mass) (DC 28), clone, destruction (2; DC 28), frightful aspect (DC 28), horrid wilting (DC 28)
7th–chain lightning (2; DC 27), harm, hold person (mass) (DC 27), Inflict moderate wounds (mass), Insanity (DC 27)
6th–banshee blast (DC 26), cone of cold (2; DC 26), death pact (DC 26), suggestion (mass) (DC 26), summon monster VI
5th–blood boil (DC 25), curse (major, DC 25), contagion (greater, DC 25), hold monster (DC 25), hungry earth, pain strike (mass, 
2; DC 25) 
4th–black tentacles (2; 24), charm monster (DC 24), fleshworm infestation (DC 24), shadow step, volcanic storm (DC 24), web cloud 
(DC 24)
3rd–aura of cannibalism, bestow cursed (DC 23), call of the void (DC 23), fearsome duplicate, howling agony (2; DC 23), siphon might 
(DC 23)
2nd–arcane disruption, death knell (2; DC 22), haunting mists (DC 22), ironskin, spectral hand, touch of bloodletting (DC 22)
1st–burning hands (DC 21), charm person (DC 21), ear-piercing scream (DC 21), fumbletongue (DC 21), ray of enfeeblement (DC 21), 
sow thought (DC 21), unprepared combatant (DC 21) 
0 (at will)–bleed (DC 20), daze (DC 20), detect magic, touch of fatigue (DC 20)


Str 20, Dex 21, Con 18, Int 35, Wis 24, Cha 23
Base Atk +23; CMB +28; CMD 43
Feats Accursed Hex, Combat Casting, Great Fortitude, Great Fortitude (M), Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Iron Will (M), Lightning Reflexes, 
Lightning Reflexes (M), Toughness, Toughness (M), Silent Spell, Empower Spell, Intensified Spel
Skills Acrobatics +26, Bluff +27, Diplomacy +27, Fly +26, Intimidate +27, Knowledge (arcana) +31, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +31, 
Knowledge (planes) +31, Knowledge (religion) +31, Perception +28, Sense Motive +28, Spellcraft +31, Stealth +26, Survival +28, Use Magic Device +27
Languages Abyssal, Aklo, Common, Draconic, Elven, Giant, Infernal, Orc, Undercommon, Wychfiend
SQ grand hex (death curse), hexes (charm, cursed wounds, discord, prehensile hair, evil eye), major hexes (agony, hag’s eye, pariah, 


Adapted Body (Ex) 

The Wychqueen’s body has adapted to the rigors of planar travel and can breathe in any environment, including the elemental planes, toxic atmospheres, underwater, and even in a vacuum, as if under the constant effects of a necklace of adaptation.

Dimensional Step (Su

The Wychqueen can teleport to a nearby space as a swift action as if using dimension door. This movement does not provoke an attack of opportunity. She must be able to see the space that she is moving into. She cannot take other creatures with her when she uses this ability (except for familiars). The Wychqueen move 5 feet for every two Hit Dice she possesses (minimum 5 feet). She can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier. 

Frightening Gaze (Su) 

Frightened, 30 feet, Will DC 27 negates. If the save results in a natural 1, the target is panicked instead of frightened. The save DC is Charisma-based. 


The Wychqueen casts spells and uses hexes as a 20th level witch.


Mythic Powers 

amazing initiative (+7), divine source (Evil and Law domains), dual initiative, mythic hexes, mythic immortality, mythic power (17/day, mythic presence, mythic spellcasting, mythic sustenance), surge (+1d10)

Mythic Spells 

ascension, borrowed time, deathless, elemental bombardment, lend path, soulreaver, terraform


Environment Ethereal plane
Organization solitary (unique) or queen’s court (1 Wychqueen, 1 naik, 1-3 exarchs, and 1-2 hajjans)
Treasure double