Battle Arkwright

Table: Battle Arkwright

LevelBase Attack BonusFort SaveRef SaveWill SaveSpecialSpells Per Day
1st+0+0+2+2Artifice, gearworks armor, theory0
2nd+1+0+3+3Ingenuity, innovation, trapfinding1
3rd+2+1+3+3Swift artifice, theory2
4th+3+1+4+4Arkwright's touch, innovation20
5th+3+1+4+4Master's call31
6th+4+2+5+5Innovation, swift transformation32
13th+9/+4+4+8+8Greater armor44320
17th+12/+7/+2+5+10+10Life bond444331
18th+13/+8/+3+6+11+11Innovation, instant transformation444432
20th+15/+10/+5+6+12+12Grand arkwright444444

Battle arkwrights employ their gearworks battle armor to function as either a frontline combatant or in a support role to his allies. A battle arkwright has the following class features.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

The battle arkwright gains proficiency with all martial weapons. 

Diminished Gadgets

A battle arkwright can create one fewer gadget of each gadget level than normal. If this reduces the number to 0, he can create gadgets of that level only if his Intelligence allows bonus gadgets of that level.

Gearworks Armor (Ex)

At 1st level, after much trial and error, a battle ardwright has perfected the secrets of artifice, gadgetry, and gear-based technology, and learned how to combine them into a semblance of life. It is this mastery of artifice that allows him to construct a powerful suit of sentient armor called gearworks armor. All gearworks armor are treated as constructs for the purpose of damage that it can take, except that a suit is not “destroyed” until reduced to a number of negative hit points equal to or greater than their bonus hit points due to size (see Construct). This armor is constructed from spare gears, old suits of armor, and metal parts scrounged from the scrap heaps of blacksmiths and other metallurgists or artificers. His starting armor is battered, and only he knows how to use or command it properly. Due to the special link between the armor and the battle arkwright, any creature that attempts to wear a suit of activated battle armor takes 2d6 points of electricity damage, is staggered for 1d4 rounds, and the armor immediately transforms into its inert form. This starting armor can only be sold for scrap (it’s worth 4d10 when sold).

Unlike a gearworks machine, a suit of gearworks armor resembles a 1-foot diameter metal cube (modular device) that weighs 30 lbs. when it is not in its armor form. Transforming this cube into his gearworks armor and donning it requires a full-round action that provokes an attack of opportunity. Wearing a suit of gearworks armor is taxing on the battle arkwright’s body. He may only wear the armor for up to 10 minutes per day for each battle arkwright level he has attained. These minutes do not need to be consecutive, but must be spent in 1-minute increments. If a battle arkwright exceeds this limit, he immediately becomes exhausted and remains so until he leaves the armor. Once the armor is removed, he instead becomes fatigued.

Gearworks armor cannot move on its own, and requires the battle arkwright to don the armor for it to function (at least at the start). While gearworks armor cannot be forced into its inert form by means of dispel magic, spells such as dismissal and banishment do, but only if the armor is not being worn by the battle arkwright. If the battle arkwright is unconscious, asleep, or killed, his gearworks armor immediately reverts to its inert form.

While the gearworks armor is being worn, the battle arkwright’s base attack bonus is equal to his battle arkwright level, including those made with the armor’s natural attacks. For all other purposes, such as qualifying for a feat or a prestige class, the battle arkwright uses his normal base attack bonus. A battle arkwright applies his full Strength bonus to his damage rolls for all successful attacks made while wearing the gearworks armor, whether the attacks are made with an off-hand or with a weapon wielded in both hands.

The gearworks armor’s physical appearance is up to the battle arkwright, but it always appears as some sort of full plate armor and has its own unique statistics (see Starting Statistics). The gearworks armor’s Hit Dice, armor bonus, and abilities are tied to the battle arkwright’s class level and increase as the battle arkwright gains levels. In addition, each gearworks armor receives a pool of upgrade points, based on the battle arkwright’s class level that can be used to give the gearworks armor different abilities and powers. Whenever the battle arkwright gains a level, he must decide how these points are spent, and they are set until he gains another level of battle arkwright.

A battle arkwright can add artifice abilities to his gearworks armor as if he has the Craft Artifice Device feat and if he meets the level prerequisites of the device. For example, a battle arkwright must be at least 3rd level to add artifice abilities to the armor (see Craft Magic Arms and Armor feat). The artifice properties of a suit of gearworks armor, including any artifice added to the armor, only function for the battle arkwright who owns it. If the gearworks armor’s owner dies, or the armor is replaced, the armor reverts to being an ordinary suit of gearworks armor.

This ability, swift transformation, and instant transformation replace gearworks machine and gadgets lost due to diminished gadgets.

Arkwright’s Touch (Su)

This ability is exactly like the artificer’s crafter’s touch ability, except that it affects his gearworks armor instead of a gearworks machine.

Master’s Call (Su)

At 5th level, as a standard action, a battle arkwright can call his gearworks armor to his side. This functions as dimension door, using the battle arkwright’s caster level. When used, the gearworks armor appears adjacent to the battle arkwright (or as close as possible if all adjacent spaces are occupied). If the gearworks armor is out of range, the ability is wasted. A battle arkwright can use this ability once per day at 5th level, and one additional time per day for every 4 levels thereafter, for a total of four times per day at 17th level. This ability replaces master artificer.

Swift Transformation  (Ex)

At 6th level, a battle arkwright can transform and don his gearworks armor as a move action.

Transposition (Su)

At 9th level, a battle arkwright can use his master’s call ability to swap locations with his gearworks armor. The armor must occupy the square that was occupied by the battle arkwright if able, or as close as possible if it is not able. This ability replaces journeyman’s touch.

Greater Armor (Su)

At 13th level, a battle arkwright can transform his gearworks armor into an unstoppable metal juggernaut for 1 minute, once per day. While this ability is in effect, the gearworks armor gains a +4 bonus to Strength and Dexterity, a +4 bonus to AC, DR 10/—, an increase of +10 feet to its speed, and a number of temporary hit points equal to its bonus hit points (see Construct). This ability replaces greater machine.

Life Bond (Su)

At 17th level, the link between a battle arkwright and his gearworks armor becomes stronger. As long as the gearworks armor has 1 or more hit points, the battle arkwright is protected from harm. Damage in excess of that which would reduce the battle arkwright to fewer than 0 hit points is instead transferred to the gearworks armor. This damage is transferred 1 point at a time, meaning that as soon as the gearworks armor is reduced to a number of negative hit points equal to its bonus hit points (see Starting Statistics), all excess damage remains with the battle arkwright. Effects that cause death but not damage are unaffected by this ability. This ability does not affect spells like baleful polymorph, flesh to stone, or imprisonment, or other spells that do not cause actual damage. This ability replaces master’s touch.

Instant Transformation (Ex)

At 18th level, a battle arkwright can transform and don his gearworks armor as a swift action.

Grand Arkwright (Su)

At 20th level, while a battle arkwright’s gearworks armor is worn, it functions as a self-contained environment. It grants the battle arkwright immunity to ability score damage, deafness, disease, drowning, poison, and all spells or attacks that affect his physiology directly or respiration, because his physiology and respiratory system is protected by the armor. In addition, transforming and donning the gearworks armor now requires a swift action that provokes no attack of opportunity. This ability replaces grand theorem.