Grearworks Armor

A battle arkwright's mastery of artifice that allows him to construct a powerful suit of sentient armor called gearworks armor.

A gearworks armor’s abilities are determined by the battle arkwright’s level and by the choices made using its upgrade pool. Table: Gearworks Armor Base Statistics determines many of the base statistics of the construct. The gearworks armor possesses a base form that modifies these base statistics.

Base Attack Bonus: This is the gearworks armor’s base attack bonus. The gearworks armor’s base attack bonus is equal to its Hit Dice. Gearworks machines do not gain additional attacks using their natural weapons for a high base attack bonus. When the gearworks armor is being worn by the battle arkwright, the battle arkwright uses his level as his base attack bonus.

Fort Saves: This is the gearworks armor’s Fortitude save bonus. The gearworks armor uses the battle arkwright’s Reflex and Will saves. When the gearworks armor is being worn, the battle arkwright adds this bonus to his own Fortitude saving throws.

Upgrade Pool: This is exactly like the gearworks machine’s upgrade pool, except that the gearworks armor gains a number of upgrade points as shown on Table: Gearworks Armor Base Statistics. In addition, a battle ardwright may choose any upgrade for his gearworks armor listed in artificer’s gearworks machine list (see Gearworks Machine Upgrades) except for the following: Armored Conveyance (2-point), Frightful Presence (3-point), Gore (2-point), Head (2-point), Hooves (1-point), Large (4-point), Limbs (2-point), Mount (1-point), Noxious Breath Weapon (3-point), Ponce (1-point), Skilled (1-point), Sting (1-point), Tail (1-point), Tail Slap (1-point), Trample (2-point).

Max Attacks: The gearworks armor cannot exceed the maximum of 3 natural attacks. When the gearworks armor is being worn, the battle arkwright uses his base attack bonus as his maximum number of natural attacks.

Special: This includes a number of abilities gained by all gearworks armor as they increase in power. Each of these bonuses is described below.
  • Construct Traits: The gearworks armor has all the traits of the construct type.
  • Darkvision (Ex): The gearworks armor grants the battle arkwright darkvision out to a range of 60 feet.
  • Hardness (Ex): The gearworks armor has a hardness of 10.
  • Integrate Gadgets (Ex): The battle arkwright may temporarily integrate a gadget into his gearworks armor instead of carrying the gadget himself. Gadgets integrated in this way must come from the battle arkwright’s gadget list. This ability does not allow the gearworks armor to share abilities that are not gadgets, even if they function like gadgets.
  • Light Armor (Ex): The gearworks armor is considered light armor for the purpose of adding artifice or magical properties.
  • Link (Ex): A battle arkwright and his gearworks armor share a mental link allows for communication across any distance (as long as they are on the same plane). This communication is a free action and eventually allows the battle arkwright to give orders to his gearworks armor at any time (see Gearworks Command). In addition, magic items interfere with the battle arkwright’s connection to his gearworks armor. As a result, the battle arkwright and his gearworks armor share magic item slots. For example, if the battle arkwright is wearing a ring, his gearworks armor can wear no more than one ring. In case of a conflict, the items worn by the artificer remain active, and those used by the gearworks armor become dormant. This goes for any integrated gadgets as well (see Integrate Gadgets). The gearworks armor must possess the appropriate appendages to utilize a magic item.
  • Low-Light Vision (Ex): The gearworks armor grants low-light vision, enabling the battle arkwright to see twice as far as a human in conditions of dim light.
  • Masterworks (Ex): The gearwork armor is now of masterwork quality.
  • DR (Ex): This is the damage reduction that the grearworks armor gains. Subtract 1 from the damage the armor takes each time it is dealt damage from a weapon or a natural attack, even while worn by the battle arkwright. At 8th level, and every four battle arkwright levels thereafter (12th, 16th, and 20th level), this damage reduction rises by 1 point. Damage reduction can reduce damage to 0 but not below 0. At 20th level, the gearworks armor also gains DR 5/adamantine. This does not increase with level.
  • Electricity Resistance (Ex): The gearworks armor gains electricity resticne, due primarily to the armor’s dynamo engine which absorbs electricy as it becomes more powerful. At 5th level, the gearworks armor gains electricity resistance 10, and increases by 10 every 5 levels therafter, to a maximum of electricity resistance 30 at 15th level. At 20th level, the gearworks armor gains electricity immunity.
  • Medium Armor (Ex): The gearworks armor is considered medium armor for the purpose of adding artifice or magical properties.
  • Gearworks Command (Ex): The gearworks armor can be controlled telepathically by its battle arkwright. For as long as the battle arkwright concentrates, he can control his empty gearworks armor as if he were wearing the armor. This effect has a range of 60 feet per battle arkwright level. The battle arkwright knows what the gearworks armor is experiencing, but he does not receive direct sensory input from it, nor can it communicate with him telepathically. Once the battle arkwright has given the gearworks armor a command, it continues to attempt to carry out that command to the exclusion of all other activities. Changing the orders or giving the gearworks armor a new command is also a move action. By concentrating fully on the gearworks armor (a standard action), the battle arkwright can receive full sensory input as if he were wearing the armor, though it still can't communicate with him. The battle arkwright can't actually see through the armor's eyes, so it's not as good as being there himself, but he still gets a good idea of what's going on. The battle arkwright must make a concentration check each round to maintain control. The DC of the concentration check is (10 + the gearworks armor’s HD). If another battle arkwright tries to control the gearworks armor, both the creator and his opponent must make opposed concentration checks each round to control the gearworks armor. Otherwise, the armor continues to follows its last instruction to the best of its ability, though if attacked it returns the attack.
  • Heavy Armor (Ex): The gearworks armor is considered heavy armor for the purpose of adding artifice or magical properties.
  • Battle Phalanx (Ex): The gearworks armor can be split into two *Small suits or four Tiny suits of gearworks armor for a number of rounds per day equal to the battle arkwright’s level. Each suit of gearworks armor has its own base biped form and associated base statistics and free evolutions. Regardless of the number of gearworks armor in the group, each gearworks armor has the same base attack bonus and base saving throw bonuses, but the rest of the gearworks armor’ base statistics must be divided between the armors, including Hit Dice (minimum 1), armor bonus, Str/Dex bonus, uprgrade pool (but see below), and maximum number of natural attacks. Individual gearworks armor in the group must purchase upgrades separately. Once a battle arkwright decides on the abilities of his gearworks armors, they cannot be changed until the battle arkwright gains a level. Example: A 16th-level battle arkwright can split his gearworks armor into two Small gearworks armors. Each armor has 5 Hit Dice and BAB +5. The battle arkwright decides to give the first gearworks armor a +3 to Fort saves, a +4 armor bonus, a +3 bonus to Strength and Dexterity, 8 points from its upgrade pool, and a maximum of two attacks. The remaining +2 to Fort saves, +2 armor bonus, +2 bonus to Strength and Dexterity, and 7 points from the upgrade pool, and one natural attack go to the second gearworks armor. The battle arkwright can use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to his battle arkwright level. He can end this effect at any time as a full-round action. For the duration of this effect, the gearworks armors otherwise function as a normal suit of gearworks armor. All of the battle arkwright’s gearworks armor in a phalanx are reverted to a single inert form if the battle arkwright is unconscious, asleep, or killed. However, each gearworks armor in the phalanx reverts to its inert form when its hit points are reduced to a negative number equal to its bonus hit points (see Constructs). *Note: A Small battle arkwright can split his gearworks armor into two Tiny gearworks armors or four Diminutive gearworks armors.

Base Form
A battle arkwright’s gearworks armor has only one form that determines its starting size, speed, AC, attacks, and ability scores. All natural attacks are made using the gearworks armor’s full base attack bonus. If the armor is being worn by the battle arkwright, it has a base attack bonus equal to the battlearkwright’s level. Gearworks armor slam attacks add 1-1/2 times the gearworks armor’s Strength modifier to the damage roll. This base form’s free upgrades are already factored into the starting statistics.

Gearworks Armor
Starting Statistics: Size Medium (or Small); Speed 30 ft. (20 ft.); AC +3 armor bonus; Maximum Dexterity Bonus +4; Armor Check Penalty –4; Weight 30 ft.; Attack slam (1d6); Ability Scores Str 14, Dex 14, Con —, Int 7, Wis —, Cha —; Free Upgrades head, limbs (arms (2), limbs (legs) (2), slam (1d6).

Table: Gearworks Armor Base Statistics

Base Attack
Armor Bonus
1st 1 +1 +0 +0 +0 0 3 Construct traits, darkvision, integrate gadgets, light armor, link, low-light vision
2nd 2 +2 +0 +1 +1 1 3 Masterworks
3rd 2 +2 +0 +1 +1 2 3
4th 3 +3 +1 +2 +1 3 3 DR 1/—
5th 4 +4 +1 +2 +2 3 3 Energy resistance 10
6th 4 +4 +1 +3 +2 5 3 Gearworks command, guard
7th 5 +5 +1 +3 +2 6 3 Medium armor
8th 5 +5 +1 +3 +3 7 3 DR 2/—
9th 6 +6 +2 +4 +3 9 3
10th 6 +6 +2 +4 +3 9 3 Electricity resistance 20
11th 7 +7 +2 +5 +4 10 3
12th 8 +8 +2 +5 +4 11 3 DR 3/—
13th 8 +8 +2 +6 +4 12 3 Heavy armor
14th 9 +9 +3 +6 +5 14 3
15th 9 +9 +3 +6 +5 15 3 Energy resistance 30
16th 10 +10 +3 +7 +5 15 3 DR 4/—
17th 10 +10 +3 +7 +6 16 3 Battle phalanx (wooden phalanx)
 18th  11  +11  +3 +8 +6 17 
 19th  12  +12  +4 +8 +6 18 
 20th  12  +12  +4 +9 +7  20  DR 5/—, 10/adamantine