Mythic Quest (All Sphere)

School conjuration (teleportation)Level vicar 20; Sphere all


Casting Time 10 minutes
Components V, S, DF 


Range Touch
Targets you plus one or more creatures touched (see text)
Duration Special (see text) (D)
Saving Throw Will negates; Spell Resistance no


When you cast this spell, you petition your deity for divine consent to undergo a divine quest to obtain mythic ascension. If the deity sanctions this quest, you and your allies (up to a total of 6 individuals) are teleported to another plane of the deity's choice to fulfill a quest of its choice. Any unwilling creature is allowed a Will saving throw at a -4 penalty to avoid the teleportation. 

When you and your allies are teleported, you arrive at a safe location on the deity's chosen plane, and are immediately greeted by a friendly planar guide. This guide is always a servant of your deity sent to instruct and guide you in fulfilling your quest. While upon this quest, you and your allies are divinely protected to ensure your survival. You do not need to eat, sleep, or breath if the conditions make these actions impossible, you are immune to the plane's environment (fire immunity on the plane of fire, etc.), and you can move through any terrain without hindrance (including the elemental plane of Earth) at your normal movement. You (the vicar) are also under the constant effect of a know direction spell. In addition to these protections, hostile encounters on the plane occur at one-quarter the normal frequency. 

The effects of this spell last until the divine quest has been completed successfully, or has utterly failed beyond recovery, at which time the vicar and his party are returned to the Material Plane. If the quest is fulfilled, you and your allies are granted mythic ascension, and gain the 1st tier of a single mythic path of your choice.