Healing Sphere

Your touch staves off pain and death, and your healing magic is particularly vital and potent.

Granted Powers: You gain Channel Surge as a bonus feat, even if you do not meet the prerequisites. In addition, you add Use Magic Device (Cha) to your list of class features and heal 1 additional point of damage per die when determining the effects of your “cure” spells.

Sphere Powers: You can select your sphere powers from the powers and revelations granted by the following sources.
  • Domain/Subdomain: Healing/Medicine, Restoration, Resurrection
  • Blessing: Healing
  • Inquisition: Restoration
  • Mystery: Ascetic (rapid convalescence revelation only), Life (delay afflictions and life link revelations only), Succor

Divine Eminence (Sp): You can cast mantle of the healer once per week as your divine eminence ability.

Sphere Spells: You add the following spells to your spell list, at the indicated spell levels.
  • 0th—stabilize, virtue
  • 1st—cure light wounds, deathwatch, diagnose disease, goodberry, infernal healing, remove sickness
  • 2nd—blessing of courage and life, cure moderate wounds, delay disease, delay pain, delay poison, life pact, path of glory, remove disease, remove paralysis, restoration (lesser), sacred bond, soothing word, surmount affliction
  • 3rd—accept affliction, cure serious wounds, delay poison (communal), fractions of heal and harm, life shield, remove blindness/deafness, symbol of healing
  • 4th—cure critical wounds, healing warmth, infernal healing (greater), instant restoration, neutralize poison, path of glory (greater), persistent vigor, restoration
  • 5th—blaze of glory, break enchantment, breath of life, cleanse, cure light wounds (mass), pillar of life, raise dead
  • 6th—cure moderate wounds (mass), heal, music of the spheres
  • 7th—cure serious wounds (mass), joyful rapture, regenerate, restoration (greater), resurrection
  • 8th—cure critical wounds (mass)
  • 9th—heal (mass), true resurrection