Nobility Sphere

You are a great leader, an inspiration to all who follow the teachings of your faith.

Granted Powers: You gain Clarifying Channel as a bonus feat, even if you do not meet the prerequisites. In addition, you add Handle Animal (Cha), Knowledge (nobility) (Int), and Ride (Dex) to your list of class skills.

Sphere Powers: You can select your sphere powers from the powers and revelations granted by the following sources.
  • Domain/Subdomain: Nobility/Aristocracy, Hubris, Leadership, Martyr
  • Blessing: Nobility
  • Inquisition: Chivalry, Valor
  • Mystery: Battle (maneuver mastery, skill at arms, surprising charge, war sight, and weapon mastery revelations only)

You can also choose one of the following sphere powers.
  • Divine Presence (Su): You can emit a 30-foot aura of divine presence for a number of rounds equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier. All allies within this aura are treated as if under the effects of a sanctuary spell with a DC equal to 10 + 1/2 your vicar level (minimum 1) + your Wisdom modifier. Activating this ability is a standard action. If an ally leaves the area or makes an attack, the effect ends for that ally. If you make an attack, the effect ends for you and your allies. You must be at least 7th level to select this power. Using this ability expends one use of your divine reservoir.
  • Dominance Aura (Su): You can surround yourself with a tangible aura of majesty for 1 minute. While this aura is active, once per round as a swift action you can issue a command (as the spell) to one creature within 30 feet; the creature must succeed at a Will saving throw or submit for 1 round. You must be at least 11th level to select this power. Using this power expends one use of your divine reservoir.
  • Nobility’s Path (Sp): As a standard action, you can touch a creature, granting an insight bonus on one attack roll, skill check, ability check, or saving throw before your next turn; this bonus is equal to 1/2 your vicar level (minimum 1) (minimum 1) and lasts for 1 round. Using this ability expends one use of your divine reservoir.
  • Words of Courage (Su): Your inspiring words grant your allies a +1 bonus to saving throws against charm and fear effects and on attack and damage rolls. This bonus increases by +1 at 7th level and every six levels thereafter. Allies must be able to hear and understand you to take effect. Using this power expends one use of your divine reservoir.

Divine Eminence (Sp): You can cast champions of the realm once per week as your divine eminence ability.

Sphere Spells: You add the following spells to your spell list, at the indicated spell levels.
  • 0th—enhanced diplomacy
  • 1st—bless, blessing of the watch, charm person, clarion call, divine favor, fairness, moment of greatness, nereid’s grace, shield of faith, swift girding, tap inner beauty
  • 2nd—bestow insight, blood of the martyr, eagle’s splendor, enthrall, martyr’s bargain, shield other, weapon of awe
  • 3rd—enter image, heroism, magic vestment, phantom driver, phantom steed, prayer, transfer regeneration
  • 4th—discern lies, geas (lesser), king’s castle, phantom chariot
  • 5th—command (greater), mage’s faithful hound
  • 6th—brilliant inspiration, eagle’s splendor (mass), geas/quest, summon laborers, sacrificial oath, symbol of persuasion
  • 7th—bestow grace of the champion, repulsion
  • 8th—charm monster (mass), demand
  • 9th—overwhelming presence, storm of vengeance