Scalykind Sphere

You have innate connection to snakes, dragons, reptiles, and their kin.

Granted Powers: You gain Poisoner’s Channel as a bonus feat, even if you do not meet the prerequisites. In addition, you add Escape Artist (Dex), Knowledge (arcana) (Int), and Perception (Wis) to your list of class skills. You must also select one of the following energy types: acid, cold, electricity, fire. Once chosen, it cannot be changed. This determines what kind of damage your deal or are resistant to when choosing certain sphere powers, or use your alternative channeling effect.

Sphere Powers: You can select your sphere powers from the powers and revelations granted by the following sources.
  • Domain/Subdomain: Scalykind/Dragon, Saurian, Venom
  • Blessing: Scalykind
  • Inquisition: Conversion, Fervor
  • Mystery: Dragon

You can also choose one of the following sphere power.
  • Flying Serpent (Su): Leathery dragon wings grow from your back as a standard action, giving you a fly speed of 60 feet with average maneuverability. You can dismiss the wings as a free action. This effect lasts for 1 minute per vicar level. You must be at least 9th level to select this power. Using this ability expends one use of your divine reservoir.
  • Poison Resistance (Ex): You gain a +2 bonus on all saving throws against poison. This bonus increases to +4 at 5th level, and then again to +6 at 9th level. At 11th level, you become completely immune to poison.
  • Snakeskin (Ex): At 9th level, you gain a +1 bonus to natural armor, a +2 racial bonus on saves against poison, and a +2 bonus on Escape Artist checks. At 13th level and 17th level, these bonuses increase by +1.

Divine Eminence (Sp): You can cast wing of dragons once per week as your divine eminence ability.

Sphere Spells: You add the following spells to your spell list, at the indicated spell levels.
  • 0th—acid splash, detect poison
  • 1st—acid maw, corrosive touch, magic fang, nauseating dart, poisoned egg
  • 2nd—accelerate poison, amplify stench, animal trance (reptiles only), cloud of seasickness, pernicious poison, scale spikes
  • 3rd—beast shape I (reptiles only), delay poison (communal), draconic reservoir, illusory poison, magic fang (greater), sands of time, scale spikes (greater), sepia snake sigil, spit venom, sundered serpent coil
  • 4th—age resistance (lesser), beast shape II (reptiles only), dragon’s breath, mark of the reptile god, miasmatic form, poison, spit venom, summon nature’s ally IV (deionychus or pteranodon only)
  • 5th—acid spray, animal growth (reptiles only), beast shape III (reptiles only), caustic blood, constricting coils, permanency
  • 6th—acid fog, age resistance, beast shape IV (reptiles only), cloudkill, eyebite, form of the dragon I, impart mind
  • 7th—age resistance (greater), creeping doom (takes the form of Diminutive-sized snakes), form of the dragon II, summon nature’s ally VII (brachiosaurus or tyrannosaurus only)
  • 8th—animal shapes (reptiles only), blood mist, form of the dragon III
  • 9th—shapechange (dragons and reptiles only)