Void Sphere

You can call upon the cold darkness between the stars to gain flight, travel to other worlds, or summon monsters from beyond to do your bidding.

Granted Powers: You gain Trailblazing Channel as a bonus feat, even if you do not meet the prerequisites. In addition, you add Perception (Wis) to your list of class skills, and are under the constant effect of a know direction spell.

Sphere Powers: You can select your sphere powers from the powers and revelations granted by the following sources.
  • Domain/Subdomain: Void/Dark Tapestry, Isolation, Stars
  • Blessing: Void
  • Inquisition: Banishment, Oblivion
  • Mystery: Dark Tapestry (dweller in darkness, interstellar void, read the tapestry, touch of the void, and wings of darkness revelations only), Heavens (coat of many stars, dweller in darkness, guiding star, interstellar void, lure of the heavens, and star chart revelations only).

Divine Eminence (Sp): You can cast terror of the void once per week as your divine eminence ability.

Sphere Spells: You add the following spells to your spell list, at the indicated spell levels.
  • 0th—dancing lights, prestidigitation
  • 1st—color spray, feather fall, shadow weapon
  • 2nd—levitate, hypnotic pattern, summon monster II
  • 3rd—call the void, fly, guiding star, isolate, monstrous extremities, twilight knife, vengeful comets
  • 4th—crushing despair, dimension door, eyes of the void, planar binding (lesser), wandering star motes
  • 5th—contact other plane, damnation stride, hostile juxtaposition, overland flight, summon monster V, teleport
  • 6th—blazing rainbow, planar binding, wall of force
  • 7th—hostile juxtaposition (greater), insanity, prismatic spray, reverse gravity, sunbeam, teleport trap
  • 8th—orb of the void, planar binding (greater), prismatic wall, walk through space
  • 9th—interplanetary teleport, meteor swarm, wall of suppression