War Sphere

You are a crusader for your god, always ready and willing to fight to defend your faith.

Granted Powers: You gain Channel Viciousness as a bonus feat, even if you do not meet the prerequisites. In addition, you add Knowledge (engineering) (Int), Knowledge (nobility) (Int), and Ride (Dex) to your list of class skills,

Sphere Powers: You can select your sphere powers from the powers and revelations granted by the following sources.
  • Domain/Subdomain: War/Blood, Duels, Tactics
  • Blessing: War
  • Inquisition: Tactics, Zeal
  • Mystery: Ascetic (ascetic armor and martial discipline revelations only), Battle, Godclaw (boon of bravery, boon of the defender, instant armor, and resiliency revelations only), Metal (armor mastery and iron weapon revelations only)

Divine Eminence (Sp): You can cast war band once per week as your divine eminence ability.

Sphere Spells: You add the following spells to your spell list, at the indicated spell levels.
  • 0th—guidance
  • 1st—abundant ammunition, burning disarm, clarion call, command, compel hostility, damp powder, deathwatch, magic weapon, reinforce armaments, spiked armor, swallow your fear, swift girding, weaken powder
  • 2nd—aid, bear’s endurance, bestow weapon proficiency, blood blaze, instant weapon, magic siege engine, reinforce armaments (communal), spiritual weapon, status, tactical acumen, wartrain mount
  • 3rd—badger’s ferocity, battering blast, blood biography, deadly juggernaut, heart of the metal, magic vestment, pellet blast, rage, returning weapon (communal), vampiric touch, vestment of the champion
  • 4th—battle trance, blessing of fervor, bloody arrows, crusader’s edge, divine power, forceful strike, magic weapon (greater), named bullet, planar ally (lesser), resilient reservoir, shield of fortification (greater), spiritual ally, ward shield
  • 5th—caustic blood, command (greater), disrupting weapon, energy siege shot, flame strike, litany of vengeance, magic siege engine (greater), planeslayer’s call, righteous might, wall of thorns
  • 6th—bear’s endurance (mass), blade barrier, bloodsworn retribution, dimensional blade, named bullet (greater), planar ally, summon laborers
  • 7th—archon’s trumpet, battlemind link, energy siege shot (greater), inflict serious wounds (mass), power word blind, siege trees, transformation
  • 8th—frightful aspect, planar ally (greater), power word stun, rain of arrows, shout (greater)
  • 9th—power word kill, siege of trees (greater), symbol of strife, symbol of vulnerability