Genocidal Maniac (Derro, Slayer Archetype)

Murderers come in all shapes and sizes, but some are so fanatic about killing that they are willing to wipe out their own race. The genocidal maniac is a deadly and focused killer, bent on slaying one’s people at the cost of his very life. What drives them is their insatiable desire for blood, and an insanity beyond comprehension.

Class Features
The genocidal maniac has the following class features.

Favored Target (Ex)

At 2nd level, a genocidal maniac becomes a master at targeting and killing creatures of his own race. If a genocidal maniac uses studied target on a derro, the bonuses to skill checks, weapon attack and damage rolls, and the DCs of slayer class abilities against them are doubled (+1 increases to +2, +2 increases to +4, and so on). When favored target is active, the genocidal maniac can only maintain these bonuses against one opponent at a time, regardless of whether he gains his 2nd studied target ability, or any subsequent similar abilities. These bonuses remain in effect until either the opponent is dead or the slayer studies a new target, as normal. This ability replaces the slayer talent gained at 2nd level.

Underground Mastery (Ex)

At 6th level, a genocidal maniac gains the rogue’s terrain mastery talent, but must choose underground as his chosen terrain. He cannot select this talent again. This ability replaces the slayer talent gained at 6th level.

Daylight Stalker (Ex)

This is exactly like the slayer’s stalker ability. In addition, whenever the genocidal maniac is exposed to sunlight, he can make a Fort save (DC 20) every hour to negate the effect of his sunlight vulnerability. A genocidal maniac that is currently tracking a derro while exposed to sunlight adds half his studied target bonus to his saving throw to negate the sunlight’s hourly effect.

Dark Assassin (Ex)

At 10th level, a genocidal maniac gains the assassinate advanced talent. If this talent is used against a derro, the genocidal maniac adds half his studied target bonus to the ability’s save DC. This ability replaces the slayer talent gained at 10th level.

Deep Camouflage (Ex)

At 12th level, a genocidal maniac can use the Stealth skill to hide in underground environments, even if the terrain does not grant cover or concealment. This ability replaces the slayer talent gained at 12th level.

Sunlight Strike (Su)

At 13th level, a genocidal maniac can once per day make an alchemically enhanced melee or ranged attack that explodes with a searing radiance equivalent to that of sunlight and acts as an alchemist’s blinding bombs. Undead, fungi, molds, oozes, slimes, and creatures to which sunlight is harmful or unnatural (including derro) take +2 damage for every three genocidal maniac levels he possesses, to a maximum of +12 at 18th level. Undead that are harmed by sunlight and that fail their saves against the attack are staggered for 1 round. Derro that are subject to a sunlight strike immediately take 1 point of Con damage as if they had been exposed to sunlight for 1 hour. The genocidal maniac is immune to this effect. At 17th level, he can do this twice per day. This ability replaces slayer’s advance.

One with the Deep (Ex)

At 18th level, a genocidal maniac can use the Stealth skill while he is underground, even when being observed. This ability replaces the slayer talent gained at 18th level.

Table: Genocidal Maniac

Attack Bonus
Fort SaveRef SaveWill SaveSpecial
1st+1+2+2+01st studied target, track
2nd+2+3+3+0Favored target
3rd+3+3+3+1Sneak attack +1d6
4th+4+4+4+1Slayer talent
5th+5+4+4+12nd studied target
6th+6/+1+5+5+2Sneak attack +2d6, underground mastery
7th+7/+2+5+5+2Daylight stalker
8th+8/+3+6+6+2Slayer talent 
9th+9/+4+6+6+3Sneak attack +3d6
10th+10/+5+7+7+33rd studied target, advanced talent, dark assassin
11th+11/+6/+1+7+7+3Swift tracker
12th+12/+7/+2+8+8+4Deep camouflage
13th+13/+8/+3+8+8+4Sunlight strike 1/day
14th+14/+9/+4+9+9+4Quarry, slayer talent
15th+15/+10/+5+9+9+54th studied target, sneak attack +5d6
16th+16/+11/+6/+1+10+10+5Slayer talent
17th+17/+12/+7/+2+10+10+5Sunlight strike 2/day
18th+18/+3/+8/+3+11+11+6One with the deep, sneak attack +6d6
19th+19/+14/+9/+4+11+11+6Improved quarry
20th+20/+15/+10/+5+12+12+65th studied target, master slayer, slayer talent