The Ganakowa (The People of the Summits)

The Ganakowa (gä-nä-kä’-wä) people live in a large mountain range called the Ganako Uplands, which is populated by numerous predatory and edible beasts. The climate ranges from warm in the north east where there is perpetual spring and summer, to temperate in the south west with short summer seasons and long harsh winters. Their diet consists mostly of meat and animal flesh, though they supplement this with mountain herbs, roots, berries, and other edible plants they are able to grow. The Ganakowa are skilled stone workers, and build their homes of stone, with plaster and mud covered walls, and thatched or wooden roofs made from the mountain trees and shrubs. They have even devised a simple but effective process to smelt the iron ore form the rocks they collect or quarry. They travel by foot, but those in the south during the winter season use sleds drawn either by wolves, ibex, or bears which they have raised as pets.

Real World Association: Tribes of the Andes Mountains
Capital: Rockholm
Regional Population: 22,100
Government: Tribal Chieftain
Religion: Orin Stoneforger

Tribal Information
  • Sister Tribes: Ganaka* (gä-nä’-kä), Ganiipewa (gä-nee-pay’-wä), Ganapego (gä-nä-pay’-gō), Gawatomi (gä-wä-tō’-mee), Guavaho (gwä’-vä-hō)
  • Dragon Sponsors: Crystal, red, silver, sky, white
  • Tribal Beasts: Cave bear, cougar, eagle, falcon, goat, ibex, ice bear, lynx, snow leopard, snow owl, snow tiger, wolf
  • Tribal Dwellings: Stone huts, cliff houses
  • Tribal Arms: Battleaxe (iron), dagger (iron), handaxe (iron), heavy flail (iron), heavy mace (iron), light flail (iron), light mace (iron), long spear (iron), longsword (iron), short spear (iron), short sword (iron), throwing axe (iron); hide armor, chain shirt (iron), wood and metal shield
  • Imports: Fruits and vegetables, wood, exotic foods, spices, medicines
  • Exports: Metals, metal weapons, iron wares, raw gems (diamonds, emeralds, rubies), precious and non-precious metals (gold, silver, iron), hides, trained hunting animals (cougars, eagles, falcons, and wolves)
  • Alignment: CG, N, CN, CE
  • Allies: The Ontikinte (steady), The Sousesne (conditional), The Uwananoke (conditional)
  • Area: The Ontiki Furrows
  • Environment: Temperate to warm mountains