The Kanasatké (The People of the Rain)

The Kanasatke (kä-nä-sät’-kay) people live in a hot and humid region known as the Kanasé Rainforest. This tropical jungle is the home of many snakes, lizards, exotic birds, mammals, and monkeys. They are quite aggressive in their interaction with other tribes, and live in harmony with the land. The Kanasatke gather together in communities of 100 to 200 people, and live in large thatched huts or houses of sandstone blocks covered in a form of cement for decoration. Their society is similar to that of the Mayans or Aztecs, duplicating much of their way of life. Smaller communities of 30 to 50 individuals occasionally make their homes in the underground root systems beneath ancient and gnarled trees, or high above the ground in the jungle canopy. They travel through their lands mostly by foot on established roads, though some use walkways located high in the trees, or by swinging from vine to vine. They are among the most war-like of the tribes and have developed superior weapons and combat tactics.

Real World Association: The Mayan and Aztec cultures

Capital: Xetzocotlcan

Regional Population: 12,860

Government: Tribal Chieftain

Religion: A-llän

Tribal Information
  • Sister Tribes: Kanase* (kä-nä’-say), Kiowasha (kī-ō-wä’-shä), Kishku (kish’-koo), Kushonte (koo-shon’-tay)
  • Dragon Sponsors: Black, bronze, cloud, forest, green
  • Tribal Beasts: Boa constrictor, couatl, gorilla, komodo dragon, leopard, macaw, orangutan, parrot, panther, water buffalo
  • Tribal Dwellings: Thatched huts, stone and cement houses
  • Tribal Arms: Blow gun (bamboo), club, great club (obsidian blades), handaxe (obsidian), longspear, throwing axe (obsidian); hide armor, leather armor, wooden shield
  • Imports: Stone and metal weapons, iron wares, blankets, spices, rare foods
  • Exports: Exotic medicines and plants, wooden and obsidian weapons, hides, furs, jewelry
  • Alignment: LN, N, LE
  • Allies: The Jojiipewaa (conditional), The Okwashonee (steady), The Wananakas (conditional)
  • Area: The Kanasé Rainforest
  • Environment: Warm jungle and forest