The Neekatikashwa (The People of the Wind)

The Neekatikashwa (nee- kä-tee-kä’-shwä) traverse a perpetual grassland savannah called the Moors of Neekati. Where rivers and waterways are found, the soil is perfect for agriculture, and they raise cattle or other herd animals for food. The Neekatikashwa live in small communities throughout the grasslands, dwelling in large clay and grass thatched huts. They have developed their own irrigation systems, raised field cultivation and other agrarian strategies allowing them to grow crops during times of drought. The Neekatikashwa traverse their lands primarily by foot, though they will ride zebra, elephants, or water buffalo, and on occasion use beast driven carts.

Real World Association: African Hunter/Gatherer Tribes of Southern and East Africa (Maasi, Samburu, Zulu, etc.)

Capital: Itachurin

Regional Population: 13,245

Government: Tribal Chieftain

Religion: Varu Hammerhaft

Tribal Information
  • Sister Tribes: Nakota (nä-kō’-tä), Napachee (nä-pä’-chee), Neekati* (nee-kä’-tee), Nishka (neesh’-kä), Numandi (noo-män’-dee)
  • Dragon Sponsors: Blue, brass, crystal
  • Tribal Beasts: Antelope, cheetah, crocodile, elephant, falcon, hyena, leopard, lion, lizard, peacock, rhino, viper, vulture, wild dog, water buffalo, zebra
  • Tribal Dwellings: Clay and thatched roof huts
  • Tribal Arms: Club, dagger (stone), longspear, short bow (flint arrows), spear; leather armor, hide armor, wooden shields
  • Imports: Stone and metal weapons, iron wares, furs, spices, exotic foods, wood
  • Exports: Wild herbs, ivory, hides, agricultural tools, good cloth, lethal poisons
  • Alignment:  N, CN, NE
  • Allies: The Sousesne (steady), The Titimanukwa (steady), The Uwananoke (steady)
  • Area: The Moors of Neekati
  • Environment: Warm plains