The Okwashonee (The People of the Mist)

The Okwashonee (ä-kwä-shō’-nee) live within the confines of a large swampy region called the Okwasa Marshes. These people have learned to thrive and live in relative harmony with their harsh surroundings. The Okwashonee live in small villages consisting of three styles; reed huts built upon stilt platforms, wattle and daub reed huts, or elaborate house complexes built into the twisted swamp trees to keep out the swamp waters and wildlife. They make their way across the marshes by boat, specially constructed raised boardwalks, or on special pontoon long shoes.

Real World Association: Southeastern American tribes (Seminoles, etc.)

Capital: Dreamsong

Regional Population: 4,200

Government: Tribal Chieftain

Religion: Drakor

Tribal Information

  • Sister Tribes: Okowa, (ō-kä’-wä) Okwasa* (ō-kwä’-sä), Oshonee (ō-shō’-nee)
  • Dragon Sponsors: Black, bronze, cloud, green.
  • Tribal Beasts: Anaconda, crocodile, chameleon, iguana, muskrat, weasel
  • Tribal Dwellings: Wattle and daub huts, reed huts on stilts, tree houses
  • Tribal Arms: Club, hand axe (stone), heavy mace (stone), javelin, light mace (stone), quarterstaff, short bow (wooden arrows), throwing axe (stone); bone studded leather, leather armor, hide armor, wooden shield
  • Imports: Stone and metal weapons, iron wares, blankets, fruits & vegetables, spices
  • Exports: Hide armors (crocodile or swamp lizard), dried fish, rare roots and herbs, snake, crocodile and swamp lizard meat, hemp rope
  • Alignment: CG, N, CN
  • Allies: The Jojiipewaa (conditional), The Kanasatke (steady), The Wananakas (conditional)
  • Area: The Okwasa Marshes
  • Environment: Warm swamps