The Pompuusné (The People of the Clouds)

The Pompuusne (päm-poos’-nay) reside in the strangest region of all the tribal nations. They dwell high above the others on a series of levitating islands up in the clouds called the Flying Isles of Pompuu. These islands, believed to have been created by the gods, are a true wonder of the skies. The Pompuusne have constructed elaborate homes of clay bricks or stone with flat roofs. These remain well insulated from the heat, keeping the inhabitants cool in the hot sun. They generally walk from place to place, but many possess flying beasts as pets such as giant eagles or griffons, which they use to travel from island to island or to the mainland below. Their shamans have developed special flying boats, similar in appearance to the barges found on ancient Egypt's Nile River. As the most removed of the tribal nations, they don't interact much with the other tribes. Thus, they are relatively isolated and tend to be encountered only during the time of the Grand Tournament or on hunting expeditions.

Real World Association: Ancient Egypt

Capital: Clouds Eye

Regional Population: 5,475

Government: Tribal Chieftain

Religion: Sosa

Dragon Sponsors: Bronze, cloud, silver, sky

Tribal Information
  • Sister Tribes: Paawanee (pay-wä’-nee), Pompuu* (päm’-poo), Ponshu (pän’-shoo)
  • Tribal Beasts: Eagle, giant eagle, griffon, hippogriff, leopard, pegasus, phoenix, roc, wild dog, wild horse, winged cat
  • Tribal Dwellings: Clay brick or stone houses
  • Tribal Arms: Composite short bow (obsidian arrows), hand axe (obsidian), javelin, lance, longspear (obsidian), sling, short spear (obsidian), throwing axe (obsidian); leather armor, hide armor, wooden shield
  • Imports: Dried meats, exotic plants and medicines, blankets, woods
  • Exports: Young eagles and griffons (trained and untrained), exotic fruits and plants, magic
  • Alignment: CG, NG, N
  • Allies: The Akwasesne (steady), The Sousesne (steady), The State of New Bloodstone (steady).
  • Area: The Isles of Pompuu
  • Environment: Warm forest and plains