The Sousesné (The People of the Reeds)

The Sousesne (soo-ses’-nee) are an agrarian and hunter/gatherer people that traverse a grand plain land of rolling hills and flat plateaus called the Endless Souse Grasslands. It is a land full of numerous animal herds, whose migration patterns they follow as a constant food source. The Sousesne gather in tribal communities of six to eight dozen family units. Generally, they live in hide tipis for easy relocation as they follow the migrating herds. When suitable food supplies and fresh water are consistently available in a particular area, more permanent earth lodges are built to house extended family members. The Sousesne tribes primarily travel by horse, though walking and use of buffalo are not uncommon.

Real World Association: Great Plains Tribes (Apache, Blackfoot, Plains Cree, etc.)

Capital: Goyanja

Regional Population: 21,325

Government: Tribal Chieftain

Religion: Ambra Quickfoot

Dragon Sponsors: Copper, forest, green

Tribal Information
  • Sister Tribes: Senoka (sen-ō’-kä), Sanawaka (sä-nä-wä’-kä), Sharapaho (shä-ra’-pa-hō), Sina (see’-nä), Sonto (sän’-tō), Souse* (soo’-say), Suskogee (sä-skō’-kee)
  • Tribal Beasts: Black bear, buffalo, coyote, deer, eagle, falcon, fox, hawk, rattle snake, wild horse, wolf
  • Tribal Dwellings: Hide tipis, earthlodges, wichita grass house
  • Tribal Arms: Club, dagger (stone), handaxe (stone), longbow (flint arrows), short bow (flint arrows), throwing axe (stone); bone armor, padded armor, leather armor, wooden shield
  • Imports: Metals, metal weapons, ironware, exotic foods and spices.
  • Exports: Dried meats, grains, bows and arrows, furs, skins, bone and horn carvings, wild horses, non-lethal poisons (sedatives)
  • Alignment: CG, NG, N
  • Allies: The Akwasesne (steady), The Ganakowa (conditional), The Jojiipewaa (steady), The Neekatikashwa (steady), The Pompuusne (steady), The State of New Bloodstone (steady)
  • Area: The Endless Sousé Grasslands
  • Environment: Temperate to warm plains