Lashunta are ....

Racial Traits:

Ability Scores: Lashunta all get +2 to Intelligence, but they deviate by gender on their other racial ability modifiers. Male lashunta get +2 Strength and -2 Wisdom, making them an ideal choice for the Magus class. Female lashunta get +2 Charisma and -2 Constitution, so they make excellent arcane casters of any type.

Type: Lashunta are humanoids.

Size: Lashunta are Medium size, just like humans.

Speed: Lashunta move at the same speed as humans.

Knowledgable: Lashunta gain a +2 to any one Knowledge skill, which can be helpful for any character.

Lashunta Magic: Lashunta can cast daze and mage hand at will and and detect thoughts once per day as spell-like abilities.

Limited Telepathy: Lashunta can communicate telepathically with creatures within 30 feet, but only if they share a common language.


Alchemist (Male/Female): The lashunta bonus to Intelligence makes Alchemist a great choice for either gender, and being able to use mage hand at will can come in very handy for an Alchemist.

Barbarian (Male/Female): Male lashunta can make for very good Barbarians, though the penalty to Wisdom will hurt an already abysmal base Will save. The penalty to Constitution for female lashunta makes them a suboptimal choice, at best.

Bard (Male/Female): While a male lashunta could make a decent melee-focused Bard, the females of the species were practically built specifically to be Bards. Bonuses to both Intelligence and Charisma are hard to find, so make good use of those whenever you can.

Cavalier [Samurai] (Male/Female): The racial bonus to Strength that male lashunta gain makes them a great choice for a Cavalier or Samurai build, while female lashunta's penalty to Con makes them lackluster for these classes.

Cleric (Male/Female): The penalty to Wisdom would seem is a hindrance to a male lashunta Cleric, though you can make a very good melee-focused Cleric build, so they're not so bad. Female lashunta could make very good use of a channeling build thanks to their Charisma bonus.

Druid (Male/Female): Neither gender of lashunta gets a bonus to Wisdom, and makes have a penalty, though this is made up for by the Strength bonus as long as you go for a wild shape-focused build. In any case, lashunta just aren't meant to be Druids.

Fighter (Male/Female): The male lashunta's Strength and Intelligence bonuses make the Lore Warden a very solid option. Female lashunta will suffer from their Constitution penalty, so this isn't optimal for them.

Gunslinger (Male/Female): Nothing goes for or against the Gunslinger class on the female side, but male lashuntas' Wisdom penalty will not work well.

Inquisitor (Male/Female): Just like the Cleric and Druid, a Wisdom penalty hurts the male lashunta who aspires to begin an inquisition. Females are better but still not great.

Magus (Male/Female): The male lashunta has probably the best possible stat combination in the game for a standard melee Magus build, so I highly recommend trying them out. They're obviously highly magical, so it fits very well thematically also. Females aren't quite as built for the Magus lifestyle, thanks to the Con penalty.

Monk (Male/Female): The male lashunta's Wisdom penalty is terrible for a Monk, so go with another class. There's nothing really for or against a female lashunta being a Monk, so feel free if you so desire.

Oracle (Male/Female): Male lashunta don't have anything going for or against them for an Oracle build, but females will make for excellent Oracles thanks to their Charisma bonus.

Paladin [Antipaladin] (Male/Female): Paladins are generally melee-oriented, and as such the male lashunta can capitalize on their Strength bonus to be decent Paladins. Despite their Charisma bonus, the female lashunta's Constituation penalty really hurts her options for being a Paladin, as even with one of the ranged archetypes like Divine Hunter, lack of a Dex bonus makes it suboptimal.

Ranger (Male/Female): Male lashunta can make up for their penalty to Wisdom with their excellent Strength, and the Int bonus will give them a lot of skill points as well. Female rangers will probably want to go with a ranged build, though lack of a Dex bonus keeps them out of the optimal range as well.

Rogue [Ninja] (Male/Female): Dexterity is pretty much always important for a Rogue or Ninja, and lashunta don't have a bonus to it, so they're not going to be optimal. A female lashunta can still make a decent Ninja thanks to her Charisma bonus, though.

Sorcerer (Male/Female): Male lashunta lack the bonus to Charisma of their fairer counterparts, but with a Strength bonus you could make a decent Dragon Disciple build out of one. Female lashunta, however, make for excellent Sorcerers of all types.

Summoner (Male/Female): Male lashunta can really only fit into one build of Summoner: the Synthesist. Females can make for excellent summoners thanks to their Charisma bonus, though.

Witch (Male/Female): Both genders of lashunta can make excellent Witches, though I would give the females an edge since most Witches don't need a bonus to Strength.

Wizard (Male/Female): Just as with the Witch, both genders of lashunta can make very nice Sorcerers, thanks to their Int bonus.