-this page by Voyd

Wyvarans are magical hybrids of wyverns and kobolds. All of the ARG/B4 races are unique in some way, and the wyvaran is no exception; of the lot, the wyvaran is the only one of the dragon type.

Racial Traits

Ability Scores: Wyvarans have +2 Dexterity and Wisdom, and a -2 penalty to Intelligence. They aren't the best at prepared arcane spellcasting, but they shine at divine spellcasting and ranging pursuits.

Type: Wyvarans are dragons. While this does mean you can't use spells like enlarge and charm person on them, it also means that they are completely immune to paralysis and sleep effects. 

Normal Speed: 30 feet, same as humans.

Flight: Hold on there, ban-happy GMs. Out of all the 0HD races with fly speeds, wyvarans have the worst; only 30 feet and with CLUMSY maneuverability. While it's not as game-breaking as, say, the strix's fly speed, it's still fairly useful.

Slapping Tail: It sucks that it can only be used for attacks of opportunity, but 1d8 plus full Strength damage isn't to be ignored.

Darkvision and Low-Light Vision: Dr. Beck has already gone on and on about how darkvision is the best thing ever. It's good, alright?


Alchemist: Nothing too exciting here, and in fact a penalty to Intelligence. The only thing going for a wyvaran alchemist is a Dex bonus to chucking bombs at people, but other than that, there are definitely better options for the wyvaran.

Bard: Nothing for or against a wyvaran bard, though I kinda wish that they could take the Dragon Herald archetype, normally only available to kobolds.

Barbarian: Unfortunately, that fast movement isn't going to help your crappy flight, but there is a Wisdom bonus to counter that godawful Will save.

Cavalier: While one has to wonder what purpose a flying creature would have for a mount, a wyvaran makes for a decent Cavalier, thanks to Dex boosting his Ride skill.

Cleric: Time to get some dragon gods up in here! The wyvaran's Wisdom bonus will serve them well as a follower of whatever dragon gods your campaign has.

Druid: Alas, there's no way to get a pet dragon, or even a nonmagical flying reptile. However, like the cleric, you'll be happy to have that Wisdom bonus, and you'll probably want to get an animal companion that flies.

Fighter: Really, anyone can do well as a fighter, whether you fly or not. If you want to keep that Dexterity high for flight, though, better to stick with ranged combat.

Gunslinger: You want a gunship? You got a gunship. Wyvarans have bonuses in the right places to make them good gunslingers.

Inquisitor: The wyvaran in Bestiary 4 is an inquisitor, and she's doing pretty well for herself. The wyvaran inquisitor can make use of all of her abilities, though you'll miss the skills your Int penalty keeps from you. Give her the Black Powder Inquisition and you have one mean draconic killing machine.

Magus: Int penalty, BEH. Flight isn't going to help much here.

Monk: Welcome to the house of flying fists, how can I serve you? Like the barbarian, your crap fly speed isn't going to get better, but unlike the barbarian, the wyvaran monk can make better use of his natural abilities.

Oracle: There's no real benefit to an oracular wyvaran, though the Lame curse can be completely ignored thanks to that (still pathetic) fly speed.

Paladin: Like kobolds before them, there's no real reason to play a wyaran paladin.

Ranger: Wisdom and Dexterity are always good things for archery rangers. The hunter's bond option with your party is also thematic, since the fluff states that wyvaran adventurers are fiercely protective of their companions.

Rogue: The Intelligence penalty hurts, but the wyvaran rogue's high Dexterity and Wisdom means that they aren't terrible at the role.

Sorcerer: While the obvious route is to take the fitting Draconic bloodline, the Empyreal wildbloodline is a bit better, since that works with your Wisdom. Regardless, any bloodline that gives you a fly speed is by default good, since fixing that crappy speed and maneuverability is a prime objective as a wyvaran. With other bloodlines, they're decent.

Summoner: No real benefit or drawbacks, though since your eidolon won't be able to fly for a long time, you're probably better off sticking with summon monster for the most part.

Witch and Wizard: Int penalty, BLEH. Not to mention that your fly speed isn't much of a boon, as you can get a better one just through spells!