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Apollyon Ring

Aura strong divination and necromancy [evil]; CL 20th; Slot ring; Weight


This ancient band of bleached bone bears an unusual callus carved in the shape of a fanged ram's head.

Upon donning the Apollyon Ring, the wearer experiences an increased state of being, her consciousness becoming an infectious disease known as the Mark of the Prophet.

Mark of the Prophet Disease Information

Type disease, contact; Save Fortitude DC variable (see above)
Onset 1 day; Frequency 1/day
Effect 1d4 ability score damage; Cure 2 consecutive saves

The wearer is the host of this disease, but is immune to its effects. Any creature that comes into physical contact with the wearer (or with one afflicted by the disease) must make a successful Fortitude save or be infected. The disease causes 1d4 points of ability damage, with the affected ability being the wearer's highest ability score (or her choice in the case of equally high scores). The disease's other effects are detailed below. The saving throw to resist the disease is equal to 10 + the wearer's Hit Dice + her Charisma modifier. This disease can be cured as normal. Creatures immune to disease are immune to any disease created by the Apollyon Ring, but also gain none of the abilities granted by wearing the ring.

Any creature infected by the disease becomes a potential host for the ring wearer's senses. The wearer always knows how many creatures are infected and can detect any one of them as a standard action as per the status spell. Additionally, by spending a minute concentrating, the wearer can see and hear using any infected individual's senses, as per the clairaudience/clairvoyance spell. The wearer remains dimly aware of her surroundings while making use of this effect, and may end it as an immediate action. She may use this ability any number of times per day. Once per day, she may also either cure any number of individuals infected with the disease within 300 feet, or force them to make an additional save against its effects at a –5 penalty.

Removing the Apollyon Ring or killing the wearer instantly cures all creatures afflicted by the Mark of the Prophet.


The Apollyon Ring shatters if Apollyon, Horseman of Pestilence, is slain. Alternatively, the ring is destroyed if a creature immune to disease wears it and casts remove disease on at least one victim of every different disease known to the world.


Though ambitious, Princess Iaresa—twelfth daughter of King Arecbezshari, He of the Olive Spear and Bronze Rod—was destined by her birth to be nothing more than a jewel of the Ninshabur royal court. While with the court touring the cities of the western reaches, she managed to elude her caretakers amid the towered bazaars of Zarrataab, and soon came upon a leprous priest. The strange holy man prophesied that she would become one with her people and know the adoration of all who touched her, if only she raised her voice in worship of the spirit of the nearby Igagir River, where the city's sewers emptied their effluent. Eagerly Iaresa did so, but when she returned, the priest was gone, a strange ring lying amid his wrappings. The princess took up the ring to examine it just as her guardians discovered her and carried her back to the royal entourage. After coming in contact with the princess, they became the first of her desperate disciples.

Over the next year the plague known as the Moaning Tears spread throughout Ninshabur, and Iaresa become much beloved, revealing remarkable healing powers. Still, thousands died, with healers and those who spoke out against the royal family falling with mysterious quickness. Eventually Iaresa perished as well, though healers later determined her death was caused by a simple flu.

In the following centuries, more plagues spread across Casmaron, Iobaria, and Vudra, always in the wake of wonderworkers bearing a bone ring. Eventually, the ring fell into the hands of the priests of Tabsagal, who locked it away as merely one more curious treasure of their mighty lords.


The wearer of the Apollyon Ring possesses an evil tool of subjugation with few peers and many considerations.

  • Prophet's Pandemic: While magic exists that can cure any disease, the average cost of such a spell is 450 gp. In one simple projection, assume a single infected individual passes the disease onto two new people daily. In 1 week that could mean approximately 2,187 individuals are infected. Even a 10th-level cleric can probably only cast remove disease about five times per day, meaning that an army of 437 such clerics would be needed to counter such an epidemic without the use of expensive scrolls, potions, and wands.
  • Sick Objectives: The agents of the Horseman Apollyon encourage the use of their master's ring. Leukodaemon viziers might seek out the ring's wearer, aiding her rise to power and the spread of her unique disease. Should the wearer renounce the ring, such agents promise a slow, infectious end.