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Shin-Tari, Sword of Sloth

Aura strong conjuration; CL 16th; Slot none; Weight 2 lbs.


When the conjurers of Runeforge presented Runelord Ilthyrius with the blade he had bid them create, he immediately ordered their executions. The tales he had heard of golden weapons and fortress-leveling might far exceeded the stunted short sword his lazy wizards had presented to him. Unable to enter Runeforge himself, he unleashed a contingent of xill raiders into his own servants' midst, and bid the alien warband's leader personally gut his lead arcanist with the disappointing blade. The xill did as commanded, but in wielding the weapon, discovered the extent of its remarkable properties. After carrying out their murderous rampage, they reported their victory and the versatility of the extraordinary sword their leader had come to call Shin-Tari—the Quicksilver Talon. In a rare display of thanks, Runelord Ilthyrius commanded the new conjurers he installed at Runeforge to etch the blade with images of their slain predecessors, whose collective intellects had take up residence within the sword.

A scene of imperial decadences depicted in fantastically fine etchings—which seem to change upon each consideration—covers the surface of this +5 short sword. Every time Shin-Tari successfully damages a creature, it gains the bane weapon special ability, with the target's creature type being its designated foe. This additional weapon quality actives after the weapon first strikes an opponent, granting additional damage to subsequent attacks but not the first attack.

The bane weapon special ability persists for the rest of the day, or until the sword strikes a foe of a different creature type. Additionally, whenever Shin-Tari strikes a Large or smaller foe, the target must succeed at a DC 20 Will save or be affected as per the spell dimension door. This effect functions as the spell, but Shin-Tari's wielder determines where his opponent is transported to, and the destination must be within the wielder's line of sight. The wielder cannot teleport an opponent into a space occupied by another creature or a solid object. Only one creature can be affected by this ability each round, and the target can act as normal on its next turn. If the sword scores a critical hit, the target must succeed at a DC 25 Will save or be affected by the spell teleport. The sword's wielder determines the destination, which must be very familiar to him.