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Sihedron Ring

Slot ring; Price 35,000 gp; Aura moderate abjuration and illusion; CL 9th; Weight


This otherwise plain ring is adorned with a tiny Sihedron rune. These rings were given to agents and allies of the runelords as badges of office and tokens of appreciation for their work—sometimes, they were given as bribes to those a runelord was attempting to win to his cause.

Like the more common Sihedron medallion, runelords have special links to Sihedron rings that aid in scrying and observation of the world around the wearer of the ring.

A Sihedron ring grants a +3 deflection bonus to AC, a +3 resistance bonus on all saving throws, and protects the wearer with a constant endure elements effect. At will, as a standard action, the wearer can use the Sihedron ring to change the appearance of his clothing or armor into any other kind of clothing or armor. The actual clothing and armor worn retain all their properties (including weight) when glamered. Only true seeing or similar magic reveals the true nature of the adornments.


Forge Ring, endure elements, resistance, shield; Cost 17,500 gp