Invocation (Su)

Preresquisites: Channel energy class feature. 

Benefits: A rogue with this talent learns one invocation. An invocation creates and alternate effect in the area around the rogue when using the channel energy class feature. Invocations are subtle, much like a rogue, and exhibit not outward sign of being used. Each use of an invocation expends one of the rogue’s daily uses of channel energy. Unless otherwise noted, an invocation affects the area within 30 feet of the rogue, moves with her, and has a duration of one minute for each die of damage that the channel energy effect would normally deal. 

The rogue gains one of the following invocations of her choice.

  • Invocation of Distraction: The rogue’s distractions allow her and any ally within 30 feet to make a Stealth skill check as if they had concealment and received a distraction to hide. This skill check is made as an immediate action, and the concealment and distraction benefit only last for one round.
  • Invocation of Revelation: The rogue can clearly see in the area covered by his channel regardless of light level and gains a bonus on Perception checks made while within this area equal to the number of her channel energy damage dice. This effect lasts for one round.
  • Invocation of Shadow: Lighting in the area around the rogue becomes subtly blurry. Creatures can use Stealth to hide in the area as if they had concealment. If the rogue moves away from a hidden creature, that creature retains the advantage of this invocation until the end of its next turn– it must end its turn in regular cover or concealment if it wishes to remain hidden.
  • Invocation of the Gang: As long as the rogue and his allies move together as a group within the area of the channel energy effect, the rogue saint can make a Stealth check as a swift action. If the check is successful, the rogue saint applies her Stealth to all allies within the area. To use this invocation in combat, the rogue saint and any allies within the area must delay their actions so that they can all act on the same initiative.

This talent can be taken multiple times. Each time it is chosen, she learns a different invocation.