The following new patrons can be chosen by any class with the patron class feature. These patrons complements the Possessed Prophet multiclass archetype.

Air: 2nd—feather fall, 4th—gust of wind, 6th—cloak of winds, 8th—air walk, 10th—control winds, 12th—elemental body III (air only), 14th—elemental body IV (air only), 16thwhirlwind, 18th—winds of vengeance.

Autumn: 2nd—alter winds, 4th—resist energy (electricity only), 6th—call lightning, 8th—river of wind, 10th—call lightning storm, 12th—wind walk, 14th—control weather, 16th—stormbolts, 18th—winds of vengeance.

Earth: 2nd—expeditious excavation, 4th—soften earth and stone, 6thmeld into stone, 8thstone shape, 10thmove earth, 12thelemental body III (earth only), 14thelemental body IV (earth only), 16threpel metal or stone, 18thworld wave.

Fertility: 2nd—goodberry, 4thbear’s endurance, 6thneutralize poison, 8thdeath ward, 10thkiss of the first world, 12th—mass bear’s endurance, 14thregenerate, 16th—polymorph any object, 18th—wish.

Fire: 2nd—produce flame, 4th—burning gaze, 6th—fire trap, 8th—firefall, 10th—fire seeds, 12th—elemental body III (fire only), 14th—elemental body IV (fire only), 16th—incendiary cloud, 18th—meteor swarm.

Hearth: 2nd—detect secret doors, 4th—arcane lock, 6th—tiny hut, 8th—secure shelter, 10th—stone wall, 12th—guards and wards, 14th—mage’s magnificent mansion, 16th—create demiplane, 18th—greater create demiplane.

Nourishment: 2nd—goodberry, 4thallfood, 6th—create food and water, 8th—grove of respite, 10th—major creation (edible items only), 12th—heroes’ feast, 14th—restoration (greater), 16thtrue creation (edible items only), 18th—wish.

Possession: 2nd—protection from chaos/evil/good/law (as per your alignment), 4th—marionette possession, 6th—enter image, 8th—possess object, 10th—magic jar, 12th—animate objects, 14th—monstrous physique IV, 16th—cloak of chaos/holy aura/shield of law/unholy aura (as per your alignment), 18th—divine vessel.

Spring: 2nd—goodberry, 4thgreensight, 6th—invigorate (mass), 8th—create food and water, 10th—wall of thorns, 12thironwood, 14th—plant shape III, 16thresurrection, 18th—wooden phalanx.

Summer: 2nd—flare burst, 4th—fury of the sun, 6thdaylight, 8th—healing warmth, 10th—wall of fire, 12thsirocco, 14thfire storm, 16thsunburst, 18thfiery body.