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Rune of the Inscrutable One

Aura moderate illusion; CL 6th
Slot rune; Price 36,000 gp; Weight —.


The bearer of this rune confuses all attempts to divine information about him. This functions as a permanent misdirection spell, which the bearer can change the target of (and thus what he is detected as) at will.

In addition, whenever the rune’s bearer enters an area affected by a divination (scrying) effect or anytime a creature casts a divination (scrying) spell that targets him, the scrying spell’s caster must make a DC 18 Will save. If this save fails, the rune’s bearer realizes that he is being scryed upon, knows what spell is in effect, and knows the name of the spell’s caster.


Inscribe Rune, magic aura, misdirection; Cost 18,000 gp.