Varisian Pilgrim

While most clerics are associated with a particular temple, adventuring clerics spend much of their time away from their favored place of worship, and there are those who worship primarily on the road and during the journey. These clerics see the act of travel and the arrival at sites sacred to their religion as valuable, and perhaps more so than time spent sequestered inside a church. Relatively common in Varisia, these pilgrims love to travel, typically on foot or with caravans. While the archetype is called the “Varisian pilgrim,” this archetype can be selected by any cleric who prefers to worship while on the move. Whether or not they are Varisian, these clerics learn a little about fortune-telling and a lot about people.

A Varisian pilgrim has the following class features.

Fortunate Road

At 1st level, a Varisian pilgrim must select the Chaos, Community, Liberation, Luck, Travel, or Weather domain (or the Exploration,