Your body has endured terrible torture and the stresses of war. While you body is susceptible to pain and injury, your mind has created mental defenses to protect it from being overcome. You take a –2 penalty on all Fortitude saves against effects that deal hit point damage. You gain a +4 bonus on all saves made against charm and compulsion effects.

Curse Skill: Sense Motive.

Adaptive Feats: You gain the following feats at the indicated levels, even if you do not normally meet the prerequisites.

At 2nd level, you gain Improved Iron Will as a bonus feat.

At 8th level you gain Greater Trip as a bonus feat.

At 14th level you gain Deadly Finish as a bonus feat.

At 20th level you gain Bleeding Critical as a bonus feat.

Discipline: You have mastered your curse and gain the following abilities.

At 4th level, you are immune to the fascinated condition.

At 10th level, you gain immunity to confused condition.

At 16th level, you are immune to the staggered condition.

Revelations: Your curse grants you the following revelations.

At 7th level, you gain the Blood of Heroes revelation from the Ancestor mystery.

At 15th level, you gain the