God of Wealth and Time (Magus 20/Oracle 20)

Father of Dragonkind, The Master of Time and Space

Portfolio Lost treasures, wealth, time, dragonkind

Typical Worshipers Dragons, dragonborn, half-dragons, kobolds

Typical Worshiper Alignment Neutral; though members of dragonkind can be of any alignment

Domains Knowledge, Magic, Nobility, Ruins, Rune, Scalykind

Symbol Golden pentagon with a dragon’s eye

Favored Weapon Bladed gauntlet

Alternative Names Unin the Timeless (dwarves and elves)

Drakor (DRAY-kor) is the deity of all dragonkind, including dragonborn, half-dragons, and even kobolds. He always appears in one of three forms. The most common form is that of a dragon of an age and type of his choice. He can change this form at will, allowing him to appear in any other dragon form of his choice. His second form is that of a powerful dragonborn warrior, also of a color of his choice, but always with golden eyes, and wearing +5 greater (acid, cold, electricity and fire) energy resistance spell resistance (21) dragonhide plate armor of the same color as his scales. His true and final form is that of a translucent great wyrm dragon that is constantly shifting through all the colors of the