Atificer's Multi-Tool

Level Artificer 2

Construction Time 1 day

Cost 125 gp

Item Slot —; Weight 2 lbs.

Magical Item Equivalent Traveler’s any-tool (CL 9th)

This gadget appears as nothing but a 12-inch iron bar lined with small plates and metal buttons. By pressing the proper button, unfolding the appropriate plate, or twisting it a certain way, the gadget can duplicate any tool kit or any special tool listed in the Lock, Keys, and Tools section of Ultimate Equipment that contains only limited moving parts. It cannot be used to replace missing or broken parts of machines or vehicles unless a mundane tool would have done the job just as well. The artificer’s any-tool gadget counts as a set of masterwork artisan's tools for most Craft or Profession skills (although very specialist crafts such as alchemy still require their own unique tool set) or a set of masterwork thieves’ tools for any Disable Device checks. It is an ineffective weapon, always counting as an improvised weapon and never granting any masterwork bonus on attack rolls.