Goddess of the Shadow Realm and Dark Secrets (Slayer 20/Vigilante 10/Assassin 10)

Assassin of the Gods, Keeper of Dark Secrets

Portfolio The Shadow Realm, murder, poison, dark secrets

Typical Worshipers Assassins, slayers, murderers, liars

Typical Worshiper Alignment Neutral Evil

Domains Charm, Darkness, Evil, Knowledge, Travel, Trickery

Symbol Black cobra coiling a silver Kris knife

Favored Weapon Dagger

Alternative Names Kurden (derro, duergar), Vhareen (drow)

Nightshade (NITE-shayd) appears as a beautiful, pale-skinned human female with shoulder-length black hair, black hard eyes, and chiseled, elf-like features. She typically wears high black boots, black gloves, a black cloak and hood, and black +5 etherealness glamered greater slick greater shadow leather armor with shoulder plates that function as murderer's blackcloth armor